March 16th, 2003


My Twinkle and Sparkle

These are my darlings, Twinkle and Sparkle, and Sparkle's babies. Sparkle's babies are all grown up now and we kept all but one of them. Giving that one kitten away was so hard, it felt like giving my children away, so we just stopped right there.

I love them soooooooo much. I've posted this before but I was just going through my pictures looking for something to put up on a vintage photo community and when I saw it I thought, hmmm, haven't shared this one in a while, better put it up.

I was at a cat show in Santa Monica looking for the reincarnation of my beloved twig fetching Mirau when I saw Twinkle. He was white like Mirau and I thought...maybe. But his owner wouldn't part with him unless I agreed to all kind of things, and she wanted me to take his goofy looking and super shy brother.

Long story short these little people are the loves of my life. Sparkle answers the phone for me and accidentally fathers children and Twinkle, well, he just lays around and looks wonderful. Okay he also lets me pet him on the bald spots behind his ears and rubs his long teeth up against me when he's having trouble containing his shy affections.

PS: They're both fixed now.

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The news reporter on the radio is trying to talk around a cold. It sounds soooo funny, poor guy.

I wish I had an endless supply of energy and money. I would go to every swap meet and estate sale on the planet.

I wish I was a better mother.

Should I go to sleep?

Why isn't my Scott-man here instead of there? Why is he such a damned house hermit? I'm horny, lonely, and tired. Oh well.

Good night my little Live Journal darlings!

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You guyz were asking about the kittens. They're almost two years old now. I can't believe it. Is that right? I put this picture up a long time ago and people were so kind, everyone liked Rook, our little grey kitten. He has turned out to be this sleek macho cat. He's super smart and likes to jump up on me from behind and hang from my shoulders. My back is lined with his claw marks -- funny little man puss.

He was spoiled to death by his Mother and the other cats. Spooky and Scaredy hauled him all over the place and wouldn't let us play with him as much. If we moved the kittens to the bed she would come and get Rook, take him back to her bed in the bathroom, plop down and start nursing him and forget about all of the other kittens. It was so funny. I think because he was the only grey kitten, they favored him for some reason. There were ten kittens in all, we gave one away to a super nice home, two died, (so so sad, I cried and cried), and now we have seven; Ruby Dee 1, Ruby Dee 2, Ping, Lilli-i, Rook, Sammy, and Swanky.