March 25th, 2003


Dictating From Hospital Bed

Hi everyone, I'm dictating this on Day Two from my hospital bed. The surgery went just fine, I feel sick to my stomach, very much sick, or what's left of my stomach, lots of pain, but the doctor finally okayed as much pain medication as I need now so it should be a lot better. My insides were moved around a lot during the surgery, so I'm very sore there, I have a bunch of drains and IV's, some of which leak, and there is some bleeding. Blah. Yuck. But when they have me full of medication, I feel really positive about this. And I'm so so glad I did it. The other patient who was scheduled to have surgery right after me got too scared and canceled. I will probably be here until Thursday. I have squeezy things on my legs to prevent blood clots and they had me up walking yesterday, four times around the block. Surgery only took two and a half hours. Oh, there is someone in my room, I have to go now. Will write again when I can or when I get home. LOVE YOU ALL!!