April 27th, 2003


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Hey Look Everyone, I may not be able to travel more than twenty feet from a toilet, but I finally updated my User Info Page. Now I just have to go finish my About Me page on Ebay. That one's been hanging over my head for more than a year.

Oh, and yesterday and today I've been able to keep down a few bites of food. So far my total weight loss is forty six pounds, or is it forty seven? I never know. I've decided to include the weight I was made to lose before the surgery because everyone else does. Besides it was only around ten or twelve pounds.

I have to take photos so I can keep a visual weight loss log. I've just been dreading it, I hate taking pictures of myself. Odd thing for an actor don't ya think? Same with being shy, nobody ever believes me about that. Acting and disliking being photographed or being shy can go together, people just don't think they can.

Ooooh and I swallowed a vitamin for the first time so if I can survive this without any complications that means I can stop having to deal with the whole, which is worse, Sugar VS Sorbitol, chewable vitamin thing.

I just finished reading Joyce Maynard's memoir -- the one that includes her story of her year spent living with J. D. Salinger. I like the book but it depressed me, again. I felt the same way the first time, but back then when I read it, I was just skimming for the parts about Salinger. This time I read it all the way through and it made me feel so sorry for her, and of course, it makes me hate Salinger. Now I'm waiting for the book his daughter wrote to get here.

Tonight Scott and I are going to watch the TV movie version of John Grisham's A Painted House. I started reading this book a year ago when I picked it up in Mexico on my birthday trip. We started reading it to each other and were having so much fun until I misplaced it somewhere around here. I'll catch Six Feet Under when it repeats tomorrow.

Hey, that's the second hey I've used this post, if I keep feeling better, maybe I'll be able to go outside and take a walk tomorrow. Today is my friend Susan's birthday. She wanted me to go to a spa with her and I would have loved that but I haven't been able to leave the house in days and days, so I forgave the balloon people for their past lack of caring and sent her a big balloon bouquet. I think it's called the Birthday Riot. They are super expensive but are really gorgeous and they always lift my spirits, but no one has ever given me one. Not that I'm overly sad about that, I get a lot of fun out of giving them to other people.

Okay off I limp. Sorry I haven't been able to keep up around here, I can barely drag myself in here and spend a few minutes catching up on my e-mail. This was a long stretch for me today.

I hope you're all happy and well and if not, well, then you are always in my prayers, whether you want them or not.