June 2nd, 2003


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Okay, so I've been telling you this story and I haven't been including pictures so I thought I should share some of these with you just so you'd have a few visuals to go with. Can you see how creepy she is from the photo? Probably not. I have another one that's better and I uploaded it but lost it and I'm late anyway so I have to go.

This is Rosa at our house in Palm Springs. She is wearing a dress that I bought on eBay that she was planning to steal until I foiled her little plan. I spoke with Mom's attorney today who says that he and his father both have had some experience dealing with people like Rosa and that there is a whole theory about the way they think. He said that he believes she has reached the entitlement stage. I can't believe there is actually a name for her behavior. I feel so great right now.

I called her Golf Club/home complex in Palm Desert and really hit it off with the woman who is the liason for the painting contractors. She said that she doubts Rosa's son is even working for them but that if he is it is against their bylaws for him to live in the house, woohoo!!! Not only did she tell me that but she placed a call herself to my Mother to tell her this. Mom was very upset but agreed to call Rosa right away and get them out of the house. I'm so happy I could scream. We'll see if all of this holds. Rosa will of course come back and find some way to retaliate against me. She'll know I had a hand in this.

These next pictures are small but way too gross to leave here on the main page. I took pictures of this bathroom to show my Mom that Rosa won't even bother to clean areas where she thinks Mom can't go. Since she has a really hard time going down stairs, Rosa thinks she'll never see this bathroom and so she leaves it completely alone. It looked like an abandoned gas station restroom.

I'm going to put the images behind the LJ cut tag so you won't be forced to view them. This is what the bathroom downstairs looked like when I checked it out. The toilet was orange with mineral deposits and I don't know what else. There were pubes all over the floor, I don't even know where those came from, the sink was orange, the sill was covered with dust and bugs, and grossest of all, there were these little dried up wormy bugs all over the floor. Come see if you can stomach it. Collapse )