June 25th, 2003


Carnie's Playboy Pictorial

Hello Again My Journal Darlings,

I have been looking and looking for the June issue of Playboy because I wanted to see Carnie Wilson's pictorial, but it seems as if all of the magazines for July come out during the second week of June, so I couldn't find it anywhere. Finally I decided to subscribe for a month to the Playboy cyberclub thing and I snagged the pictures from there. I'll put the rest of them and the one big one behind the cut for anyone who might be shy of nudity although that shouldn't be an issue for anyone reading my journal because I post this loud and clear on my information page. This journal contains neekid peoples.

Anyway I think she looks great and I'm really happy for her. It gives me a sense of hope that I could actually have a body that would be considered beautiful by today's harsh standards someday. Albeit after a whole bunch of plastic surgery and I'm definitely squeamish about having my nipples moved around, yeeeee, scary, but look at the results. I can't believe people criticized her layout and said she didn't look good. She looks great, I mean she's not going to look like Pamela Anderson, but for someone who was once three hundred pounds at five foot three to lose that much weight and be able to appear looking this good in Playboy, well, I think it's great. Good on her.Collapse )