August 13th, 2003


The Osbournes Season Finale, Minnie's Death Faked, and Where Are the Cats?

Hi Everyone, I posted this as a response in The Osbournes journal but wanted to share it here as well. Last night's show just flipped me out. I know it was supposed to be a joke. I know that now, but the Jack accidentally killing Minnie thing, then sneaking her little body out in a duffle bag, with Sharon and Ozzy looking all over for her, jack calling to tell his Dad on the phone, and Ozzy shaking on the phone and saying something like, No, no, no Minnie's dead?", then his having to tell Sharon who we all know has been through more than enough trauma in this last year, and who is absolutely in love with her little dog, who then started screaming, and then wrote I love you in lipstick on the toilet seats, then kissed Ozzy goodbye and left the house, well, it all seemed so plausible and was sooooo heartbreaking that I completely fell for it. Ozzy was reported to have suffered a breakdown and Jack did have to be go to rehab and Sharon was hospitalized several times, so who knew. It could have been happening in reality.

I was just freaked because I love these guys like they're my own family because I so very much want them to be. I just really and truly adore them. And yes, I know that's weird of me to do but hey, I guess I get sucked in to television pretty easily, or I have a lot in common with the way they live and can relate. I mean I live in a big beautiful home in the same city, I've decorated it in similar style, they live blocks away from me, my son goes to the same school Jack and Kelly did, we see them all the time at most of the stores where we shop, (I told Jack that we're rooting for him and that we love him at our local pizza joint where we all eat around here and he was as sweet and gracious as he could be), I actually have some of the very same pieces of furniture, lamps, and art objects (the Eiffel Tower) that they have, we have a billion pets, seriously, Beau walks around in army camo and shoots paintballs, my &%^$#@!*& is a drug using musician, it just all feels so familiar.

I mean I knew everything was going to turn out okay in the end because I've seen Jack in person since then, and I saw his rehab interview on MTV, and Sharon is obviously well enough to be doing a talk show, and they are taping again in December, but with the cats disappearing, and there not being a follow up about that, and poor Kelly getting dumped by that boy, (was that real?) and then OMG Minnie getting killed by mistake by poor Jack of all people, well, God that was enough to make a poor Jacqui, who had just spent hours at a funeral sitting next to the husband who had abandoned her for a crystal meth addict, pretty darned upset.

Love you,