October 22nd, 2003


114 Lbs Gone! Halloween Artistry, Rat Snacks, Releasing Wild Rats, and Who Are My LA Journal Pals?

Oh man I am loving this artist's work so much! I want these kitties so badly but can't afford them, they're going for one hundred and sixty plus on eBay right now and I'm not bidding them. How'd that for fiscal responsibility Mr. or Ms. Anonymous, (you know I'm sure this person meant well in their own way, I'm just hyper sensitive. I banned them nevertheless because I can't afford to get any more of these types of comments in my journal where I need to feel safe.) I am hoping to win a bowl she has on auction so I don't want to rave too much about her just yet and lose out on it, but I just adore her work. She dries and then hand paints gourds. I wish I could paint like this.

My rats had tortilla chip bits with refried vegetarian bean dip for treats last night and today they had some nature Valley Honey Granola bar bits. They are super happy but I know Scott will be thinking they need more live raw green food like me.

We need to release the wild ratties but I am so worried about them -- worried that if we keep them they will die, worried that if we release them they will die as well. Their beautiful brown mama rat died and so did one of her babies. We're not sure why, she might have been freaked out at being stuck in an aquarium, she might have been sick, who knows. Now we have just seven wild baby rats left and I'm so worried about them. Mr. Super Christian, (Nothing against Christians as a lapsed Catholic possible Jain/Buddhist I fall into this category myself, I just don't like rabid proselytizers. There was one on Blind Date who kept striking out and they brought him back three times at least, "I love you. Jesus loves you!" "Well, honey I don't love you!" Did any of you guyz see this? It was so funny, and a little sad.), Animal Trapping Freak Boy has been no help at all with catching the other wild ratties. I want to get them and relocate them before one of my neighbors poisons them.

I lost another pound and don't know why. So now I've lost a total of This whole weight loss ride is such a bizarre experience. It just doesn't correlate with anything I've known to do for weight loss before. I'll think oh yeay I just exercised a whole lot, that'll help, and then I'll wind up gaining weight, or I'll eat more carbs than usual and think, "Mmmm, not very Atkins, that'll cost me," and I'll win up losing weight. Yesterday I was a slug all day and I lost another pound, what gives?

Okay well, after a lot of paper sorting, not my most favorite thing to do, decisions being hard for my ADD brain, (I just read this in a book by the author of Driven to Distraction, or was it ADD Friendly Ways To Organize Your Life?), I'm off to do some errands, things I didn't manage to do yesterday. Scott comes over tonight and we get to watch The Bachelor, yeay! I'm off to buy some black tulle and a few loofa mitts.

Love you guys,

PS: Who here on my journal lives in LA or within driving distance of LA. I'm just wondering for when I eventually work up the courage to meet you guyz.

How can you not love Mark Ryden, especially around Halloween time?

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I found this on sweet urbanfaeries journal.

God how does the time fly by so quickly and may I tell you how happy I am that Bob dumped LeeAnn? Woohoo! I was starting to dislike him for keeping her around. How can she not understand why everyone dislikes her so much? "So do I get a ten?" "Don't I look fabulous tonight?" "You look great tonight!" "Yeah, I know I do!" "I am definitely going to get a rose tonight!" Yuck. I'd love it if someone put together some quotes of hers for me. Hmmm, maybe I should look for a Bachelor community here on LJ.

I went to the fabric store today and bought lots of tulle and ribbons and gorgeous green silk fabric, and some cool Japanese Kimono print fabric to make into skirts. That'll be fun.

Then I went to Ahhhs and got another mask for one of our mannequins who was just not looking very good, and some more tombstones and a couple of wigs for the bald girls. There was this cute little girl in the store who was using a sight impaired cane to walk around. She was so pretty and she walked right by me without seeing me and then she walked by this animatronic Frankenstein and sort of awkwardly reached over to experience it. I thought, "Oh God poor little lamb, but look how well she's coping with this. I'm so happy she's doing so well." And Ahhhs is pretty crazy around Halloween time, probably it's busiest selling season. I thought she was so brave and daring to be putting herself in the middle of all of this noise, all the people and things that could trip her up. I was just so struck by her.

Then as I was checking out I saw her walk by with her mother and she was perfectly sighted. She had just been playing and had completely duped me. And you know I would have likely done the same thing when I was her age, I just never thought anyone was watching me. I always took on characters, tried things out, walked around in the dark or with my eyes closed to see what it would be like to be blind. What a trip.

Okay off I go to make sure my monkey has gone to bed.

Love you guys,

PS: Our Halloween yard is really coming together now and we still have days to go. I'm feeling so prepared and accomplished if frightened about money and poor.

PPS: Do you like my new icon?