October 25th, 2003


How Talented Are My Friends? Very!

My friend Monique is here with her beautiful little girl Angela. She has a great big wonderful surprise but I can't tell it until she tells everyone in person herself, but you can guess. I'm so happy for her.

I can't get together with Moni without thinking about Jen, The Olive here on Live Journal because she's our dearly beloved mutal friend link, and while we were talking about how happy we are for her, I went to her journal and then her website and I just had to come here and post these illustrations of hers because she's just so damned good.


Are You a Miserable Ovoid Creature?

"That's because you're a wretched malformed mutant and God hates you."

Scott just sent me this, you have got to see it, it's so hysterical and I can relate so well. Whenever I see the little black and white bouncing oval Zoloft character that this parody is based on I just feel so sorry for him or her and I just well, relate. I think you will too. Be sure to have your sound on.