October 28th, 2003


Monique, Fire Storms in LA, Susan, Halloween, Dreads, Atra and Mariska Harguitay.

I just made a journal for my friend Monique. It's surprising how someone who is so good at communicating, and so extremely creative, smart, funny, compassionate, and a terrific writer, has managed to avoid getting connected to the online world for so long. She's been busy raising her wonderful little girl but I know tons of people here with several kids so that can't be it. Anyway I'm thrilled that she got a computer and that she got an e-mail account and now she has a Live Journal. it remains to be seen whether she will write in it, but at least she'll be able to post in her pal's journals. I don't allow posts from non registered users because I just didn't want to subject myself to the kinds of comments you can get when people can't be held accountable because they don't have accounts here. It's so much easier to be unkind when you're anonymous, so that's why I ditched the anonymous feature a long time ago.

These are just some temporary user pictures that I threw together for her to use. Unpaid accounts are only allowed three, damnit, so I chose these first three but thought I'd post the others so she could come and tell me which three she wants for now. She's a big Beatles fan, she likes David Hockney, and she's a mama so this is what I came up with.

It's so scary here in LA right now with all of the fires all around us. The sky was dark, orange, and dusky all day today. Each day my car is covered with more ash and the air is full of it. My heart so goes out to the people who have lost their homes. Plus I worry about all of the wild animals and domestic animals who have nowhere to stay. I've been thinking about how I can help in some way...

I was worried about my dear friend Susan who is a professor and is the chairperson of the theatre department at College of the Canyons in Santa Clarita. She has asthma and I kept thinking about how hard it would be for her to be out there working with all of the smoke and debris in the air. But she called today and she's fine and they have an evacuation plan and so far everything seems to be okay.

I just got my dreads from Angelina and they are so beautiful!!! Oh God the colors are just so amazing. They're black, dark brown, orange, red, fuchsia, and lavender, with twirled color combo dreads. They're just everything I dreamed they would be and more. I ordered them to go with my Halloween costume but I'll be able to wear these anytime I go out somewhere wild and fun. Because I'm hoping to get back out there and start auditioning again and because I'm a mom and live on the fringe of my Mother's conservative world, it's hard for me look the way I'd like to look, wild and fun, every day, this way the whole thing is versatile and I can be my wild grrl self and then switch back to normally mom woman when I need to.

I hope my beloved Sonia of the Hair Police will forgive me. I love her work so much, and I adore her and will always remain a loyal customer, but I was online and linked from Angelina's journal to her site and it was just so easy to just fill out the form and order what I wanted. It didn't occur to me to ask Sonia until after I ordered them. I don't even know if she makes stand alone dread falls but I'm sure she can. When I can have my hair done more permanently I promise I'll go see Miss Sonia again.

I'm going to be a dark fairie. I have a long black dress from Hot Topic that I love, pretty purple and lilac wings, these beautiful dread falls and a big black velvet spider headband. I'll take a digital snapshot and show you after I figure out how to tie them into my hair. So far I've just managed to rip out a bunch of my hair, I must be doing something wrong here.

I'm really happy with the way the yard has turned out this year. People keep driving by and taking pictures and I'm noticing that more of my neighbors are taking a right turn off the main street to come by and peek when they're out walking their dogs and pushing their babies in strollers. Today a van pulled up, five people got out and snapped shots, got back in and drove off. What as that?

Each day we open another few boxes and add a few more things. Yesterday we hung an enormous spider on the tree in front of the house and fixed up a lot of the lighting. Today we cleaned off the porch, put ribbons around the black chalkware cats, decorated the inside of the announcement board, put the flicker lights in the Rosemary's devil Baby's wicker pram, moved one of the mannequins to a part of the yard that needed some spookifying, and carried a white column outside and set it next to it, gives it a kind of graveyardish look. The top of the column will be perfect as a place to put our best carved pumpkin.

We also strung more lights around the porch window and I moved a big heavy piece of furniture under the upstairs bathroom window where we are going to put a TV and mask it off so the DVD that will be playing will look like a floating head peering through the glass. It's designed to look like a series of spooky floating heads. I hope I can pull off the same effect that I saw at Ahhhs because it looked pretty cool. Affect effect Affleck, I never seem to know the difference, except that one of them dates Jlo and then there's one with a duck.

Fonda, our telephone repairwoman, came by today and got Beau's phone working again, phew. Now he can't avoid my paging him, ha ha. We're just limping along with this old phone system though. It keeps going into shock, freezing up, and then it shuts down, bleh. I can't afford to replace it and things with Mom are worse than ever. She's not speaking to me. She called the pet store and told them not to send any more bills over to her house, where we had been paying them from out of my trust. She told me that I'd have to figure it out myself. Then last night she told me she doesn't want to speak to me anymore, big heavy sigh. When I watch The Gilmore Girls she reminds me so much of the mom on that show it's scary.

Rosa, Mom's evil, scheming housekeeper, with whom I have this nasty sibling rivalry like thing going on, came practically skipping up my walk today, all smiles, because now I'm the scapegoat and she's off the hook from her latest evil doings. I wanted to say, "Bet you're happy I'm in the dog house," but I refrained.

Barry, the husband of the daughter of one of my Mother's best friends, (did you get that?), who is now my contractor pal, and is fixing my garage, was here all day today, and we had so much fun. He's so charming is, and just loads of fun to be around. He kept telling me jokes and teaching me little Aussie phrases. "Poo Bum Dickie Wee Wees", he says instead of Oh Shit!

He can do anything, truly, but what he really is, is a cinematographer and a director. He was the principal DP on one feature here and is always hoping for work. He works one day a week as the second unit camera director on Angel. He was working a lot before but they needed to cut their budget by I don't know how much per week so the poor second unit got the ax. He's going back to Australia for two weeks and then he's hoping to get this movie, so send some positive vibes his way if you can. It'll mean our garage and all of the other projects around here will be put on hold for a while but I don't mind.

Since he's going to be gone for a bit, and I know I've got the people from HGTV Country Style coming to shoot my house in a couple of weeks, Barry offered to help me get a few stray design doggies tied up around here. He moved my big red wooden bra sign and hung this other bigger wooden sign from Thailand in its place. Then he took the bra sign and because it's double sided he suspended it from the ceiling in the entryway to my family room/kitchen. Then he hung these big red advertising letters I'd had for a while here, on the wall for me; C for Beau Carrillo, H for Jacqui Hyland, and a T for Scott Turchin. He also fixed a hanging cabinet door, made a big heavy green piece of furniture earthquake proof by strapping it to the wall, and hung another big wooden piece of advertising art from Thailand in my bedroom. The only thing we didn't get to was switching the two chandeliers but I'll find a way to do this myself. Everything looks so good and I'm really happy with it.

My super sweet new neighbor from Iran, Atra Sartipour, called and told me she wanted me to come over and get the sweater she had knit for me. When I first met her she told me she was looking for work knitting so I bought a lot of pretty yarn and Jennifer, from my fun knit store, made a pattern for her to see if she could follow it. Well, we know she can because she used to employ twenty-five women back home, but I think this will help Jennifer see that she can do whatever Jen asks her to do, can follow one of her patterns, and I'm crossing my fingers that she'll throw some work her way.

Irma and I went over this afternoon and Atra had spread out melon, cookies, pastries and Iranian tea. She is the biggest sweetheart and such a terrific hostess. I wish I could live like this, just have people in and treat them like royalty. It's such a nice thing to do and so gracious and friendly. Someday, things are shaping up around her, or at least that's what I keep telling myself so maybe those days aren't too far off.

I'm making a flyer for Atra because she's going to have a housewarming party and a trunk show of her knit sweaters. She wanted to know what I thought of her flyer and it was missing all kinds of things, most importantly the times she would be available, the grammar was off, and it needs to be loved up a bit, made friendlier so the neighbors won't be able to dismiss it as easily.

Some jerk broke into one of my neighbor's houses last week, just five houses down, at three in the afternoon. When the woman and her children came home they found their door had been pried open with a crowbar, their house had been trashed, and all of their valuables were gone. I feel so sorry for them, they must feel so violated and frightened. I'm terrified of something like this happening to us but I think the fact that there are always so many people here, and our house is simply loaded with pets, might make a potential burglar think twice. Still it's so scary when it happens practically next door.

Ope Law and Order SVU is on so I can watch my old friend Maria, now Mariska, Harguitay and feel both happy for her and envious of her success. I really am happy for her she so deserves this, it's just hard when so many of your friends become successful and you've taken such a circuitous and weird route through life on the way to your own, (success), hopefully.

I saw the coolest little rubber doll in a black bikini at the flea market on Sunday and I wanted to buy it because it looked so retro groovy and I love any kind of rubber dooly squeeze toy, but it turned out to be a Jayne Mansfield doll, Maria's mom, and somehow that didn't feel right. I mean if I'm going to buy it I should buy it as a gift for her and send it to her, but after not having spoken to her for so many years I worry she'd think I was being weird and fannish, plus it was a hundred and ten dollars and I just couldn't afford it, and she probably already has a ton of them. The man who was selling it said he had seen a photograph of Jayne in a swimming pool surrounded by these little dollies.

Okay off I go...

Big hugs,