October 30th, 2003


Solar Storms, The Aurora, Cats and Dreads, and a Couple of Dreams.

This is yesterday's post, I was so busy I never got the time to put it up : )

Is anyone afraid of the geomagnetic sun storm? I don't know if my fear has been fanned by the flames of all of these fires or by the spooky aftereffect of having listened to Art Bell last night. He was talking about how bad this solar storm was going to be. He said that it was one of the most powerful storms ever to hit the earth, bigger than last week's storm and a G5, which does indeed make it the highest intensity possible. They aren't supposed to be harmful to us physically but I wonder about that. I know they disrupt our communications and electronics which in itself is scary.

Calvin Hall's Amazing Aurora Photography

I'm sad that I don't live somewhere where I can see the auroras. I am nuts about them and collect paintings of them. If you ever want to give me a gift, make me a painting of the aurora borealis, please??? Or send a photograph to jacquiscloset@aol.com. I think they are the most beautiful, amazing, magical thing.

I took some pictures of my cats playing with my dreads today so you could see the colors but they're so vibrant they don't photograph well, and these don't really do them justice.

I have been having a good rash, (as opposed to a bad rash), of dreams lately. I took the time to write up this long detailed dream about my being the Princess of Wales' besieged butler last week, the night he was interviewed on Barbara Walters, but I never finished the darned thing so I didn't post it. It was so detailed and interesting and felt so real at the time. I remember that I loved her so very much and was in such grief. I wanted some of her things, some mementos of hers to hang on to, so I went to work for her parents The Earl and Countess Spencer, even though I know her father died years ago. In the dream they were actually very nice to me even though they were stuffy and demanding. There was also a definite feeling of their being disgraced and on the outs with the royal family, but I was excited about stealing souvenirs and waiting for them to leave so I could gather up as many of the Princess' things as I could and then get out of there. Ya know, if you pick this apart a bit it sounds a lot like some of the issues I'm dealing with in my life which of course makes sense considering dreams are our wonderful and mysterious way of helping our conscious selves awaken to some of the troubles our subconscious minds are trying to grapple with.

I'm going to write up last night's dream and put it behind the cut. Sometimes I put these in italics but this is too long and I don't want you to have to scroll so far through your friends pages. Normally I like to put the dreams in italics so you can skip over them if dreams don't interest you, or as one of my wonderful Live Journal pals, who likes my Wacqui dream stories said, you can skip over my everyday chatter and go right to them.

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Halloween in California and Miracles in Mexico

I am a pumpkin image thief.

These aren't ours but I had to put a pumpkin picture here, just had to.

We just finished carving pumpkins. The kids borrowed patterns from this site. Everyone stayed late tonight to help finish up the decorating. I promise I'll take pictures to share with you tomorrow.

Irma is rushing because she wants to be able to pick up the slipcovers that she has secretly had made for my living room cushions. I figured it out when I was talking to her about my wanting to have some made in time for Halloween and she said that someone was already making them. God what a sweetheart she is and how lucky am I to have found her?

The fires must be smaller or somewhat contained because the air quality is a little bit better. I've been getting headaches and Beau has been getting nose bleeds. Today he didn't have a nose bleed but my head is just throbbing although I can breathe better. I don't know if this is from the Santa Ana winds, the dryness and the pollen that they carry with them, or from the particles in the air from the fires, probably a little bit of both.

I haven't watched any news today, which has been a relief. When I watch it I cry. So I'm just crossing my fingers here hoping that things have improved. When I heard yesterday that the fires were threatening beautiful little Julian I was so upset. I love that town and have often thought about moving there. I feel the same way about Santa Clarita and all of the other towns that have burned or been threatened. They're all what people call the bedroom communities of LA -- places where people move to have a little more house and a little more land than you can get for the same amount of money here. I could sell this house, move north or south even, and have a bigger house and land for horses, sheep, goats and llamas, which would be my dream, and still have money left over to invest or live on. But because of my Mom and because Scott and I are hanging on to the dream of making it in the business of making movies and music, we stay here.

I want to know how things are going with the fires though. I'll know in a minute when I turn the TV on. If I weren't so buried with Halloween, mothering, and neighborhood duties, I'd go volunteer to help all those poor people and their animals. But as it is I'm needed here to run our Halloween house for all the kids and people who stop by. I still have to buy beer and margarita mix, some black flowers or something to make arrangements for the bathrooms and to put in this one very special vase. It's so cool, it's English from the 1880s and is end of day glass, all the bits and pieces that would be left over that they'd toss into a mold. I love end of day anything, end of day Bakelite bracelets being the best, but these two great pieces of glass I bought are really special.

I'm feeling a wee bit coldy and wish I could ask one of you to hand a pack of EmergenC through the monitor to me. Wouldn't it be great if we could do that? Then we'd really have a gift economy like we try to create at Burning Man. Everyone always has a little extra of something. Like right now I could hand some batteries over to some of you, or a cat or ten, Lord knows we're swimming in them, and one of you could pass me a bale of hay. I need to put one or two on the sidewalk to give weary parents a place to sit while their kids run up to the porch to get their candy and glow bracelets.

I finished the flyer I was making for my new neighbor and friend Atra. It turned out really well. I'm wearing the sweater she knit for me and I really love it. It's a V neck pullover in blues and browns made up of about seven different kinds of yarn It's really beautiful and is going to go great with jeans. (I can't believe I can wear jeans now.) God what a blessing Atra is. Every time we go to her house to drop something off she insists that we come in and then mothers us. I keep waiting for her to be mean, to show her true colors, or to be darker in some way than she seems, but it hasn't happened so far. I'm waiting though. Having been hurt a few times by the people you love the most, and even by people you've just liked and trusted who turned out to be selfish jerks, will make you a little overly skeptical and suspicious of people. I hate that this has happened to me in even the smallest way. I liked my more open hearted and trusting self, but I am constantly working on finding the right balance between being overly boundaried and shut off from the world, and being too open, generous, and out there with my heart.

Esther's Mother came over tonight and we sat on the porch and talked while we tied pretty Halloween colored ribbons on black candles. We traded our miracle stories. I told her about the time when I was in Mexico City and bills kept appearing in my wallet as long as I was giving them away to people on the street. I'd take one out, see that I only had one left, give it the poor mother sitting on the street with a baby tied to her chest or back, walk a bit farther, open my wallet to give my last remaining bill away to another person with their hand out, and there would be another bill that hadn't been there before. I'd walk a little farther, certain that all I had was this one miracle bill left, see someone else who needed it, then open my wallet to part with my last bill only to find two when there should only be one. I swear to you that this happened to me! It must have happened at least ten times before I got to my hotel and gave the last bill to a woman with two children who was sitting at the foot of the stairs that led up to the hotel entrance. After that there wasn't any more money. The experience left me humbled and shaken. I was actually afraid while it was happening and kind of in a mystical mental space, frightened, excited, emotional and serene all at the same time, if that makes any sense.

Esther Senior told me about the time she went to visit a local Saint, a priest whose name I have sadly forgotten since our conversation such a short time ago. She went with her family and friends. They were all very poor and didn't have enough money to make much of a meal, but they wanted to honor this Saint on his special day, so they took a little stack of tortillas, maybe five at most, and decided they would have to break them into small pieces so that everyone could have a bite or two to eat. Esther cooked them and each time she took one from the stack to heat and give away, there would be another in it's place. There were enough tortillas to feed twelve people or more and when they were all full there were the original five tortillas that they had started with. Shortly after this a priest dressed in old fashioned clothes approached them and Esther was so moved by this experience that she wanted to give him something for the church. All she had was a five cent piece in her pocket and she had been thinking about giving it to the children so they could buy some candy but instead decided to give it to the priest. He didn't want to take it but with tears pouring down her face she insisted and he finally accepted it. She put it in his hand and was certain that her pockets were empty when she turned to leave. But then later, after they left the shrine she happened to put her hand back into her pocket and there was the five cent piece that she had given away.

Here's a John Lennon pumpkin pattern for Monique.