November 2nd, 2003


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Hi Everybody,

Sorry I haven't been able to post sooner. I want to share pictures and tell you our Halloween stories but I'm so worn out and hungover from rushing around and being the neighborhood Halloween Queen that I just needed to esape and then lay around.

Today I spent some time writing about the state of my health, weight loss surgery wise, now that I'm seven months out. I'll post that here next and then when I can catch my breath here for a moment I'll put up a few pictures and tell some stories.

Big weary worn out hugs,

PS: I am really hating how my face looks, how the skin around my eyes bags and wrinkles. I can really see it in my pictures, just noticed this for the first time tonight and it's scary. I had to take a mirror and smile while I looked into it to make sure my eyes really look like this. I fooled around with this picture in Photoshop because I couldn't bear to leave it the way it was, bleh. I'm so afraid that my age, that I have been lucky enough to always look younger than, because my face was so full, is finally catching up with me, and that now that I'm losing weight I'm going to wind up looking like one of those after shots in a TV Guide ad where the people suck their stomachs in and their bodies do look better but their faces are completely haggard, wrinkled and crepey.

My Weight Loss Surgery Journey - The State of Things Seven Months Out

Hello My Fellow Weight Loss Surgery Darlings, (and Pre WLS darlings too),

I just wanted to check in and say hello. Hello : )

Well, it's been seven months since my March 24 surgery and I can't believe the changes. I am definitely one of the success stories of this surgery, (R&Y Lap Incisions w/Dr. Carson Liu, Century City Hospital), and like a lot of people who say this, I would do it again in a heartbeat, and that's not to ignore the people who've had a hard time of it, (my heart goes out to you), but I knew this going in, that there was a chance that things could go wrong for me, but the statistics seemed to be on slim, heh, side of this happening, and I chose to take the risk.

I started out at 325 (I thought it was 323 but my OBGYN had me at 325 so I get to add those extra two pounds, hee hee), and today I weigh 208. When I first got on the scale it said 207.8 and I wanted to be able to add another pound to my total here, which is 117, but I always weigh myself two or three times to be certain. My scale is digital and super accurate but it likes to move around a bit and when it does I'll take the weight that comes up twice, rather than the best of the three, which is of course what I'd like to do. Yes, I know, I'm getting a little scale obsessed, but it's just one more thing to toss on the pile of psychological issues I have to deal with as I continue this strange, complicated, exciting, and challenging journey towards a healthier me. Collapse )