November 16th, 2003


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Hi Everyone,

I am sooooo tired and wiped out. We've been cleaning for days. Friday I was up at seven, ran errands, cleaned and dressed the house and finally got to bed at around two in the morning, then yesterday I was up at six-thirty to get dressed and made up and do all the little last minute things we had to do before the producer and the camera crew from HGTV's Country Style arrived at 8:30.

I promise I'll tell you more about it and include the pictures I took but I have to visit a friend who had a hysterectomy and take her some flowers then gather up some of the things my mother loaned me and go to her house tonight. If I make it through all of that, as tired as I am and with this lovely new sore throat that Irma and I have developed at the same time, I will be amazed.

None of our eBay auctions sold and eBay wants a whopping seven hundred dollars in fees. Lovely, I can't buy bottled water, vitamins and toilet paper but I owe eBay this much money for fourteen pieces of original movie art that no one bought : ( I accidentally uploaded all of my auctions a second time when all I was trying to do was edit them. Big head smacking sigh.

I meant to list everything in Entertainment under an art category but all we could find was either the "other" category, which didn't sound too good, or the movie poster category where we had sold a piece for a few hundred dollars before, so we went for the land of movie posters hoping to draw in a film art collector and thought we'd select the other category just to be safe. I also wanted to select the Featured Plus category but only have this apply to one category so we wouldn't get stuck paying fifty dollars for each of these auctions, but because I had selected two categories in which to list the auctions, and accidentally selected the gallery plus option, which like the Featured Plus seems to be a completely expensive waste of time, I wound up making a complete mess of everything.

The next morning I went back to my newly downloaded Vendio software program and mistakenly thinking I could edit everything from there, as long as there hadn't been any bidders, I stupidly uploaded all of the auctions on eBay a second time, as if they were a totally separate batch of auctions. Now we had two sets of the exact same auctions running. One set listed in two categories in the stupid waste of money Gallery Featured Plus category, and the other set listed in Featured Plus. So we went back to eBay and canceled the first set of auctions and lovely Billion dollar eBay wants their money. Shit! We've been writing furiously and are still waiting for a response, blah.

I've been watching Myth Busters while writing to you here. They were reenacting the Larry Walters lawn chair balloon flight and the poppy seed heroin positive drug test story. Next up is the, will you die if you paint your entire body gold without leaving one bare spot. I've been curious about these stories for ages.

Okay, I've got to go, don't eat poppy seed bagels if you don't want to test positive for opiate use ; )

Love you guys,