February 2nd, 2004


Sharon Osbourne's Show, Diane Keaton Naked, and Janet Jackson's Nipple

Not as cool as Sharon's but a sweet Buddha nevertheless.

Just some bits and pieces of things to share with you before I pick up my not-so-little one and take him to his tutor.

I'm so sorry to hear that Sharon Osbourne's show isn't being renewed. I loved it, I thought other people did too. It can't just be because the ratings dipped, when she naturally had to leave to be by her husband's side in England, while he was recuperating.

I HATE how quickly networks pull the plug on shows. Any business takes time to succeed, time to develop. In the real, non-entertainment related world everyone knows that you have to have enough set aside to go one full year without turning a profit, why can't television shows get a semi-similar break? I didn't even begin to tune in to Friends until the end of the second season, same thing with the Sopranos.

This just reinforces my theory (or my fear) that there are a whole bunch of older white men in charge and they don't want to give anyone female over forty a real break, certainly not a fun, wild, wacky, and unpredictable, cutie-pie like Sharon. Maybe everything is skewed for it's likability in the Midwest, or maybe The WB is a sleazoid "network" and if they don't get skyrocket high ratings right off the bat they bail. So what if eighteen year olds aren't watching the show. I buy just as much stuff as they do any day, why aren't advertising dollars directed at my demographic just as well placed as they are with kids?

I swear I feel like women my age are getting more and more marginalized by the minute and this despite Diane Keaton's well deserved nomination for Something's Got to Give, which BTW I'm thrilled about, but look how she has to be treated in this film in order to garner one. The whole nude scene -- as if Diane Keaton isn't beautiful naked -- with Jack mugging and flopping around like she is something repulsive to look at, really bothered me. You know I'm all for nudity and I get that it was a gag but I hate that her character, and by extension Diane Keaton herself, had to be ridiculed in order to speak to the issue of women, men, sexuality and aging.

Getting back to Sharon, I don't really know what went on behind the scenes. I don't know who made the call not to renew the show or why. I only know that I liked the show, I'm suspicious about what goes on behind the scenes and I'm super disappointed. I think all Sharon needed was just a bit more time to hit her stride. However the disappointment, in this as in all things I defer to the wisdom of the universe and the greater good, besides Sweet and Steely Little Miss Sharon has plenty more where that came from and can go on to create another show with better, more supportive backers, or she can just fly back and forth between LA, New York and London in her private plane and count her money, lucky girl. Plus she always has that gorgeous golden Buddha statue in her back yard and who wouldn't be happy with something like that? Sigh. I want one, or three and the career to go with it.

Moving on, I knew Drudge would have to have something about the whole Janet Jackson breast baring "incident" and he does, a super close-up of her nipple jewelry and a sentence about how it was pre-planned. I know everyone else is so much more cynical about these things than I am but I feel like it really was a "costume malfunction" as Justin Timberlake is saying. I'm thinking they were meant to rip away the top part of the corset to bare that silky red fabric underneath that you can just see peeking out of the other side of her top. My take on Janet has always been that despite her career, her ambition and her talent, that personally she was a little bit shy and this just doesn't seem to fit. Even so, it's just a boob, who cares. Why are we so uptight about this kind of thing? Argh.

"Here’s what I think about those physical changes: Stay healthy. That’s all. Stay as healthy as you can and keep that body moving. Use it or lose it. Let’s go. With all this feeling of everything being so extraordinary, more precious and dear and valuable and amazing, you’ve got to be healthy. If you start getting sick, God bless you. I hope nobody gets sick." -- Diane Keaton.

I love Diane Keaton, probably for the same reasons I love Sharon Osbourne, she's just so unique and goofy and sees the world in such a kooky, skewed way, that is so similar to how I see it.