February 4th, 2004


Sharon Osbourne Show Finally Calls Me! Woohoo!

Oh My God you are not going to believe this; The Sharon Osbourne Show finally called me back on Monday and I didn't get the message until just this morning. I'm in the running, along with a lot of other deserving people I'm sure, for an extreme makeover. They want me to send them before and after pictures so I ran around the house gathering up some of my many "lovely" before pictures and then tossed my grubby self into a bath, washed my hair, put on some makeup and stood around taking the "after" pictures. I'm uploading them now and much as I hate doing this kind of thing, I'll share them with you in my next post.

The next thing they asked me to do was to shoot a short little tape saying hello to Miss Sharon telling her how I think she can help me. Beau shot it and I sat on the porch and told her about my surgery, how much weight I've lost and how much help I need now to continue on down this road of change. I showed some before pictures, grabbed my loose tummy flesh and boobs and then took them on a semi-tour of the house showing them all of the pets, which was fun. I ended up standing in one leg of my most comfortable old pants and sent best wishes and kisses to Sharon and Ozzy and the kids.

So I did all of that this afternoon with Beau and after I figure out how to make a copy of it I'll send that off to the nice producer gal who talked with me today. Wish me luck. I really do love all of them so whatever happens happens and I'm actually fine with that. At least I got my shot.

Scott is playing/singing tonight at a club in Santa Monica but I don't have a Beausitter and he's too young to be able to go into a bar, darnit, so I can't go, but I'm feeling kind of sickish and am looking forward to being able to just lay around.

Sparkle is still in the hospital and I'm waiting to see what the vets think is going on. Please keep those good thoughts coming his way. Love you -- Jacqui