April 25th, 2004


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Look at this gorgeous photo that my friend Cheryl is selling on eBay. You should check out her auctions, she has some of the best vernacular (the candid photo selling folks have adapted this to mean anonymous, accidentally wonderful snapshots that were taken of people in their ordinary every day lives), photos out there.

I'm going to go visit her tomorrow at my favorite swap meet, (although Eleanor would prefer that we call it an antique market), The Santa Monica Airport Swap Meet. I love going, love seeing all of the fun things people bring, seeing friends, meeting new ones, just the whole scene, it's so much fun. The trouble is I have to reign in my spending and that's hard because there is so much out there to buy and I'm always thinking, "Oh I know I could resell this at the mall for twice what they're asking here," but so far I haven't really taken anything to the mall or put it up for sale on eBay.

Oh and HGTV sent me a little notice today telling me when the show we shot here at my house is going to be on, but isn't it just like me not to have the notice by me when I'm writing this. I could swear they said May 15 at 7:30 PM eastern and pacific, and the second part is airing June 26 at 7:30 as well. I'll update this when I get a chance and give you the correct time, but I'd better toss a website out there and put some things up for sale on eBay so I can capitalize on the publicity. Mary Jo are you reading this, help? I take too long to do things, seriously, can anyone be a bigger procrastinator than me?

I went to a party at my friend's Atra. Arta and Maryam's house tonight. I stayed until one and had a good time. I love Persian people, I think they are so great. I would say it was just my pals and how terrific they are but their friends are all pretty terrific too. They seem a bit shy and reserved at first but once you get to know them, it's a still water runs deep kind of thing. There is a similar sweetness to their attitude towards family and friends and home life that Latin families share with them.

We all sat around and met each other and had drinks and then there was a nice buffet dinner, followed by many deserts, darn it, then tea and after dinner drinks, and anyone who can play piano, or guitar was invited to play. Their Mom, who I love, is going home to Iran on Wednesday : ( so this was a good-bye party for her for her friends to come to, and also it was Kourosh's, (her son), birthday, so I had an excuse to do some gift shopping. I bought two pashminas and a really pretty butterfly pin for Mommy and Marc Jacobs cologne for Kourosh.

When I got home I checked in on the boys who are still up and playing that damned on line Star Wars game, checked all the pets, and fed the baby possums. They, (the possums), still hate me and are afraid of me but I think they're starting to get that when I put food in their mouths that they're meant to swallow it instead of biting me. Oh man they are so cute. I have got to put some good pictures up for you to see, they're like squirrel/rat/crocodiles with beaks. I don't know, they're funny, but they're so cute, opening their scary pointy mouths, baring all those tiny teeth and making these little aaaaa, aaaaaa, aaaaa, sounds while they sway their heads back and forth at me. They don't scare me, I've been bit by a macaw, (and bit and scratched by dogs, cats, ferrets, a chinchilla, bunnies, and a sand cat, stupid me, I just had to put my hand in the cage), that's much worse.

Okay, well, I'm going to try to get some sleep before I have to get up early to hit the swap meet. I wish Scott had been in a better mood and liked coming to Atra's with me. I wish he liked shopping in the hot sun at the swap meet. But I'm sure he wishes I'd show up for his gigs and have breakfast or dinner at a restaurant with him and do things he wants to do too. Ah well.

Love you guys,


OH God Damnit Fuck Shit, I was just going to go to bed but wanted to snatch a few of Scott's eBay auction-e-mails out of my never ending e-mail pile when I saw my friend Mary's e-name so I opened it and found out Sonia died and I didn't even know she had lung cancer. What the hell kind of friend am I? I was planning on calling her. I was always planning on calling her. We always talked about getting together and I missed her last party and fuck, fuck, fuck.

I hated that she smoked. I hated that when she did my hair everyone at her place was smoking and the smoke made me feel sick because I'm super allergic and sensitive to it, (probably because my Mom was such a heavy smoker when I was a kid, pack and a half a day, smoked in the car when she drove me anywhere, with the windows closed, and I was forever car sick), but I feel sorry for smokers because I know they are as addicted to it, or worse, as I am to fatty, sugary, carby foods, and even though I know it is incredibly bad for all of us, I don't like to see anyone being persecuted so I leave them alone. I always feel like who the hell am I to say word one to a friend who smokes about their smoking when I've spent years walking around with a hundred extra pounds of heart attack or stroke strapped to my body. And I held my Mother's hand through her ordeal with lung cancer and she made it, was incredibly lucky, and now Sonia. Her poor son, her poor friends. God damnit, she was so cool and so young for her age. She was, she was such a cool gal. I admired her and wanted to be like her.

I changed my icon so you can see what I looked like with her amazing dreads. I don't look like this anymore so I don't use these pictures, but I never felt as good about myself, as free, or as much like my inner me as I did when she did my hair.

Oh man I wish I could call Ana and cry on her shoulder but it's too late at night. You know I try to reign in my swearing a little bit here because I know it offends people but really, Fuck, Shit, Piss, Fuck, Fuck, Fuck, Fuck and God Damnit. I loved her.