May 5th, 2004


The Olive Needs Some Good Vibes and The Sharon Osbourne Show Said Thanks But No Thanks : (

Hi Everybody! Happy Cinco de Mayo! We're making enchiladas, beans, rice, guacamole, corn cakes, and tamales. I just signed on for a second here to help a friend in need and was able to briefly scan the comments to my last post.

I need a favor, my pal Jen, the olive, here on Live Journal, is having trouble at work. She works in the industry and is an amazing, generous, super talented being. She has asked for positive visualization, prayers, meditation, candles, bells, anything to help her at her job. I don't know the details because I've been kind of sick and out of it, but if you feel like being good samaritan/soul beings, hop on over there and send her some love, please?

I still have some kind of stomach bug but I promised my friend Atra that I would bring Mexican dinner over to her house tonight. She works so hard, regularly cooking breakfast lunch and dinner for eight or nine people every day, she never seems to get a break so even though I've hardly used my kitchen in the five years since we built it, I wanted to do something nice for her. I don't care if I have to load up on Immodium and Tigan, I'm going over there with this dinner.

Love you guys even though I am a total space brain and suck and LJ friendships,

PS: Oh and I finally worked up the nerve to call the producer at the Sharon Osbourne show. It went like this;

Producer: Sharon Osbourne Show
Jacqui: Hi Tracey this is Jacqui Hyland. Remember me from the possible extreme makeover segment?
P: Of course I remember you. Hi Jacqui.
J: Umm, well, I was just calling because I know you're going to be finishing up the show soon and I just want to hear you say that you aren't going to be doing the segment with me so I can put it behind me and stop hoping.
P: No, I'm sorry, we're not going to be doing it.
J: Did you pick someone else, or was it because Sharon doesn't like doing makeovers or what?
P: No it wasn't anything like that. They were really interested, but we just ran out of time. We're wrapping the season up right now. Thank you for everything though, sorry it didn't work out.
J: No problem, good luck with anything. I think maybe I'll be coming with some friends to see the show before you shut down production.
P: Oh tell me when you're coming so I can come out and meet you.
J: How would I do that?
P: Just call me and tell me what show you're coming to and I'll come out.
J: Okay Tracey, thanks a lot for trying to make this happen for me. I'll see you then.
P: No problem sorry it didn't work out. Bye.