May 6th, 2004


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This one is for Jake.

I had a fun night even though I've obviously caught some kind of stomach flu bug thing, darn it. I/we made waaaay too much food. Three of my friend's family members didn't show up : ( so we had so much extra. There was absolutely no way we could eat it all and no one wanted to take it home. Do you think that means the food sucked? I liked it. I even liked cooking it. This was a really lovely day, even with my not feeling well. Beau even came along and tried the enchiladas.

Awww Jake just reached his paw across my chest and pat/pulled at me. This means that he wants something, probably for me to go to sleep with him. He's my only cat who will sleep cuddled up in my arms with me. He puts up with my womanhandling of him and of course I love him for this. My criteria for differentiating a great cat friend from a good cat friend is whether they'll let me grab them and cuddle them, or even if they'll kind of independently come up to me on their own and get under the covers with me. And as I say this Jake is coming to sit on my lap, making it super hard to type, Curly Girl is sneaking around the back of the laptop, Dr. Matt is cuddled up against my side with Baby Angel who has given us ring worm, Chippy, whose birthday it is, (which accounts for why he gets to stay in here and hang out with us even though he fights with the other kitties and sprays things,) and Miss Fuzzums, who always has a cold no matter what we do, (we're on our fourth vaporizer), is on top of the pile of pillows I'm resting against and making snuffling noises in my ear.

We had a nice walk after dinner. Everything is in bloom in our neighborhood now and the jasmine smells so incredibly sweet and sexy. I would love to make love at night near a field of blooming jasmine or just somewhere where there is an open window and the scent would drift in and fill the room.

It felt good to walk after dinner even though I was so weak when I came back I was shaking. We stole a few flowers along the way. I tried to justify my floral thieving because everyone steals mine and I'm okay with it, my garden is wild with roses right now and I just tell everyone to help themselves, they'll do it anyway.

Goodnight Everyone,

PS: I'm so worried about my weight. I've been eating more sugary things and I'm afraid to weigh myself. Help??? I think I'll go on over to my weight loss surgery chat room and look for some support there.

PPS: "Signora please stop being so sad. If you continue like this I will be forced to make love to you and I have never been unfaithful to my wife." Signor Martini from Under the Tuscan Sun -- I loved this scene but it's so hard to imagine gorgeous Diane Lane ever having trouble finding a man to love and be loved by.

This one is for Chippy because it looks just like him. Happy birthday little kitty man, we love you so much, even if you've always been a terrific pain in the ass with your constant escaping, fighting and pissing on anything and everything.

Goodbye Friends : (

Oooh pretty, pretty card. I bought this on eBay a short while ago, I wanted to share it with you but since people here have said they may just bid against me if I post something when it's still running, I don't post things here anymore that I'm bidding on. Seems like a smart thing to do.

When I went to pay for this the card was still up so I linked to it for you. Sometimes I'll post cards I'm not bidding on but if I want them I try to wait until afterwards then I save these, upload them and host them myself so I can keep them and then sometimes I'm just too tired to do it.

I've got a gazillion viruses and adware crap on my computer. I've run Spybot and Adaware and gone to a few other places you guys have kindly recommended but things are still running funky. My friend Ron tried to help me by grabbing my desktop using a program his computer company subscribes too and that was weird, seeing my mouse moving around via his hand, but he couldn't fix it that way so he's going to come by tomorrow night and take care of things then. And all of this because Beau snagged my laptop when I wasn't looking and let Rosa's son and his friend log on and click on whatever they felt like clicking, can you say grrr with me?

Oooh and tomorrow I'm finally giving Eduardo, (Esther's son), his new computer, which is his high school graduation present. I've been saving up for it for ages. The last time I gave him one was when he graduated from eighth grade.

Okay off to watch Friends with the rest of the entire continent. What is wrong with us that we only realize how much we love something when it's leaving?

Love you guys,