June 24th, 2004


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I got this from poetdan. Erase everything that we don't have in common. Add 5-10 facts about yourself and pass it on by pasting it in your journal

I drink bottled water
I love Chinese food
I collect books
I don't like stupid people.
I love to read
Vanilla ice cream is good.
I am NOT rich.
I am NOT stupid.
I spend too much time on the computer
I am a cat person
I consider myself competant.
I come from a dysfunctional family of mental illness and addiction on both sides.
I'm afraid of my own body.
I love white chocolate.
I posses rhino spirit.
I turn the AC upin the summer so I can sleep with a blanket.
I have a thing for the redhead in the '70's show.
I can eat a pound of chasews.
I live in one pair of jeans at a time.
I have a lot of pets.
I have a great singing voice.
I want to have an aquarium but I get too attched to the fish and freak when they get sick and die.
There are nineteen cats in bed with me right now.
I love The West Wing.
I need to get a boob job and a tumy tuck.
I love to scuba dive.
A couple of days ago I fed a tiny bug a tiny grape.
I believe in reincarnation.
I am a vegetarian.
I have trouble getting myself to bed at night.

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Hi Everyone,

I've been sick for a little while now darn it. After trying to get well on my own now for close to two weeks I finally went to the doctor and got my usual wellness cocktail; antibiotics, Flonase, and Entex. We're leaving for New York/Manhattan on Monday and I have to be better by then, plus I've been feeling so rotten I haven't been able to spend any time with my Scott and I won't be seeing him for two weeks which will feel like a really long time to me because I'm so used to seeing him or speaking to him every day.

Atra called today saying she thought I was mad at her because I hadn't come to visit since that last night we all took a walk together. I tried to explain to her that every time I get a cold, that anyone else would be able to kick in a few days, in me it turns into a sinus infection that lasts for weeks and weeks. Bleh. And I wound up giving it to Esther who's sick now : ( I wish I knew who gave it to Scott so I could kick their ass, eh, just kidding. But next time he has a sore throat, I don't care if it's our wedding night I'm not kissing the man.

My dear dear friend Susan came by and surprised me with a nice long visit yesterday. It was so great catching up with her.

Queer Eye for the Straight Guy is on. I love this show. I wish they had Queer Eye for the Bi-Curious but Mostly Straight Girl, or Queer Eye for the Seriously Insane With Too Many Pets and Stuff Chick. I could sure use their help around here. Yeah, I'll just go for this whole TV reality improvement thing, the HGTV Clean Sweep people could come on by to clean it all out, we could have While You Were Out come over and redo Beau's rooms, then the boys from Queer Eye could come over and update my style and redecorate, then I could get an Extreme Makeover and hit up on Jonathan for a Blow Out.

Beau is feeling ill too. We went to Bloomingdales today to get him a new sport coat and some clothes to wear when we go out to dinner or plays in New York.

I bought So Five Minutes Ago because Jen recommended it. I hope it won't leave me feeling as depressed and defeated as The Second Assistant did, double bleh. Mom keeps wanting me to read her Danielle Steel novels, which is so sweet of her, but she doesn't understand that I can breeze through those things in a couple of hours.

You know what? I feel so rotten I can't write any more. Sorry, I just wanted to check in. I think I'll lay down and watch some more od my Netflix West Wing Season Two on DVD. Curly is playing with the cursor.

Love youze,

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Oh God do I love Margaret Cho. I think she's so hot, white hot sexy hot. Funny is hot, female is hot, real hard core honest is hot. Just...wanted...to...share that.