July 28th, 2004


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So today I wake up to Anna knocking on my door -- there's a police officer downstairs who wants to talk to me and he's wearing a green uniform. I know instantly that this means he must be from animal control and that the gig is up. My worst nightmare is coming true. She just opened the door wide and let him in, after I can't count how many times I've warned her not to ever let anyone in that we don't know, and there he is standing in the entryway.

Luckily he was a nice guy, or pretended to be nice to set me up, I'm so paranoid at this point I don't know who or what to trust. Apparently an anonymous someone had called in a compaint that I had X number of cats, possums and ferrets and they were all living in unsanitary conditions. Well, he could see right off that things are not unsanitary. The house was full of workers painting, fixing, drilling and generally putting things in order for the photo shoot. I hustled him out the front door pretty quickly explaining that I'm allergic to paint. I brought him a copy of the Mary Engelbreit magazine so he could see that we hardly live in filthy conditions. I introduced him to a couple of cats and showed him the dogs, their run, and their incredibly expensive custom built dog estate. He took a picture of them and wrote up a little paper telling me that the only correction he wanted me to make was to make sure Puppy and Jack both had their rabies certificates and licenses renewed and up to date. He asked if he could inspect the house and I asked him if he could come back in a week and he said yes. Then we chatted some more and he seemed satisfied. I don't know if he wants to come back in a week to be sure I renewed the dog's licenses or because he's suspicious I have more pets than I'm supposed to and he wants to find them.

I'm sick, I'm stressed, I'm overwhelmed, I'm as busy as I could ever possibly be, and then this happens. I'm suspecting everyone. It makes me feel so vulnerable and afraid, as if I can't trust or shouldn't trust anyone. I wonder if this happened in reaction to my having posted possum pictures and then pictures of the cats on the bed. But how would someone here on line get a hold of my home address and number?

My main suspect is my creepy, snooping Gladys Kravitz of a neighbor, Martha. She has always hated my pets and is a total trouble making busy body. We recently moved the ferrets to the patio that abuts her property because it was too hot for them inside. Then Saturday when my ex came to pick up Beau for a sleep over I stupidly took one of the possums outside to show him. The whle time that I was out there I had this feeling that we were being watched and then I saw the buses rustling right up against my fence from the neighbors side.

Oh Lord this is so stressful, upsetting, and overwhelming. I'm wondering if I should go around to the communities where I posted pictures of the cats, and delete the posts. I wonder if the gal who hassled me recently somehow got ahold of my directions and reported me, or if a friend of a friend might have done it, but everything kind of points towards my nasty neighbor.

I have more things to share about this but I'm really not feeling safe enough to keep going. I was even afraid to post this. Blah, why are things so hard sometimes?