August 2nd, 2004


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I just got home from home and am finally back at the hotel and able to take a short break before bed. I was making the little laminated tag labels for the sorting baskets in my bathroom. I tok photos of my roses and added text in engish and spanish to them so we will know where to put things. I wish I could share them with you, but I'll take pictures tomorrow when Sunday the styist/editor and the photographers come.

This has been such a stressful race for the finish, and I am so relieved that it's almost over. I'm exhausted and everyone thinks I have bronchitis, my lungs wheeze when I breath. I'll have to make an appointment to see my doctor, darn it. I'm already taking antibiotics, again, (I just finished a long dose that I started taking before I went to New York, sigh, New York), and Mucinex, Motrin, vitamins and Sudafed. Oh that reminds me that Brendan's Mom died and I only just found out about it because I hadn't been to my PO Box and when I finally got around to it I found the sweet letter he had written about her. I'm so sorry B. I hope I can keep this thought in my head long enough to remember to go to his journal and write to him.

I feel so sorry for everyone in the north east who have to deal with this elevated terrorist, orange-alert threat. Sadly, I don't trust this government or any government really, maybe if the Green Party got into office, but even then power corrupts so who knows. I just feel like we're liable to be subject to any kind of bullshit election manipulation, including terrorist threats, or fluffed up wars.

Someone poisoned the fruit rats that run between our properties the same ones who are burrowing into the walls of my house and making themselves at home in my garage. I'm so angry about this, angry and kind of sadly resigned. People kill rats, they just don't or won't see them as smart little fur beings that have as much of a right to live as I do.

When I came home from the flea market today, (I went early this morning to pick up a few extra things for the house -- found a terrific red rocking chair, red and white striped ticking fabric pillows, plants galore, some red Bakelite dice, a terrific 1940s green Bakelite domino set, a lamp for my night stand, some green glass grapes, shell curtains that I feel guilty for having bought and hung on my porch, 2 glass bell jars, and some really gorgeous jewelry), my neighbor Karyn was out walking her dog and said, "I have to talk to you Jacqui!" She seemed so angry and I couldn't guess what I could have done to upset her so much. When she got up this morning her dog was barking like crazy and there were little brown rats dead and dying all over her lawn.

She found sixteen of them. She thought I was the person who poisoned them because she remembered my saying something about this to her. Me? The nut who is racking up an enormous vet bill right now for a rat with an infected tooth that led to an abscess in his cheek necessitating a week's worth of very expensive veterinary care? I'm guessing it's the same people who have caused me so much grief this week -- the Barbers, my creepy neighbors. I think they're evil, truly, just the day before yesterday I was talking to Ted Barber on the phone when he called to ask me what I was so upset about, (his meddling, animal-hating wife of course), and during the course of the conversation he said something about how he doesn't mind the fruit rats that run the length of the fence between our properties. They say one thing and mean another so I'm guessing that either he or his wife poisoned the rats that were dying in our gardens today.

Karyn was freaked about it! Her animals mean the world to her and she was terrified that they would eat the poisoned rats and get sick. Some of the rats were still alive and suffering but she just put them in a bag. The thought of that just kills me. I would have taken them to the vet. I'm that nuts about rats. I think I'm truly blessed -- some benevolent force must have been looking out for me because as hard as things have been lately, I really don't think I could have withstood this. Had I seen even one suffering rat I would have fallen apart. As it is I want to go over to my neighbor's house and attack them. It seems like a miracle to me that everyone in my household saw them, and Karyn found sixteen or more, but I never saw a single one. I'm praying I don't see one tomorrow, I know I couldn't handle it.

I hate these neighbors so much. I was just thinking that it would be unfair of me to be so angry at them if they weren't the ones who called and reported me to the Animal Cops, and now I'm thinking it might be unfair of me to think they poisoned the rats, (I worry so much about wrongly accusing anyone of anything because Scott and I were accused of something we were completely innocent of and it seriously endangered and hurt us), but they've given me more than enough cause to suspect them and that's their own fault. I feel so, so, soooo sorry for the rats. I love them. We rescued a mama and her babies about a year ago and took care of them until we could release them. they were so soft and big eyed, bouncy and cute, not dirty or mean or even bitey. I'm sure there are people reading this thinking that I am nuts but to me every life is valuable even ants, even mosquitos and I hate mosquitos. I saw one in the bathroom tonight but I wouldn't kill it.

Well, we gave our possums away and some of our other pets. We relocated the cats. It was a huge hardship but I feel safer now, not totally safe, but safer. I can't write much more about this because I'm not certain of everyone on my friend's list. I haven't ruled out someone here having done this to me since it came right on the heels of my stupidly having posted pictures of the possums followed shortly afterwards by the picture of the cats on my bed. Although how they would have been able to complain about me without my home address and phone number I don't know. Do you think just having my name and knowing the city I live in would be enough to phone in a complaint?
I hate this not knowing, it's torturing me.

On a more positive note I really did enjoy going to the flea market and visiting with friends. Swap meets are heaven to me, friendly like minded people and vintage stuff, the perfect happy combination of shopping, bargain/treasure hunting, and socializing.

Art Bell's show is terrific tonight. His first guest was a spelunker -- a secret fantasy hobby of mine, oh Lordy do I dream of diving in cenotes and underwater lakes or rappelling down into crystalline caverns, oh what fun. Now he has a doctor on who is talking about stem cell research. It's fascinating.

Okay well, as usual, it's late and I'm tired and have rambled on for long enough and need to sleep. I am so looking forward to having time to throw up some pictures of my house and then be able to go around to your journals, catch up and visit with you.

Big loving hugs,