August 8th, 2004


Our Woman's Day Shoot Photos

Hey Buddies,

I finally edited all of these pictures of our Woman's Day photo shoot for you. These are just my digital shots and not the shots that are going to be in the magazine although some of them are pretty similar. What I want to do is scan all of the Polaroids and share those with you because they're the actual shots, but I just don't have the time, ack. Anyway I'm going to put a few up at a time and then I'll put more behind the cut. I think I'll do this in three posts so it won't be too hard for people with slower browsers to view the pictures behind the cut : )

Here's the gang on my porch. This is an example of what not to do when taking a portrait shot, but I wanted to get a shot of them so you could get a feel for what this looks like from my end, despite the fact that the light is behind them and I knew they'd be a bit too silhouetted.

I've known Sunday, (she's the cute gal on the left), for about ten years or more now. She used to live in my neighborhood. She's a magazine editor and comes out and acts as the stylist when they do the shoot. We're going to work together styling some houses I have in mind to pitch to some magazines.

This is the same team who came out and shot our house for Mary Engelbreit Home Companion magazine a couple of years ago. They are so funny and so much fun to work with. Mark, or Dutch on the left turns out to be the son of old friends of my parents which accounts for his conservative bent. His Mom is Beverly Lohman of Lohmans. Too funny -- small world. The guys like beer and the newspaper. Give them a good German lager and a copy of The LA Times and we can take all the time in the world dressing and futzing with a set up.

Yep, it's me, yours truly. They took two different shots of me, a series out on the porch and another one in a red rocking chair in our family room. I like the indoor ones much better, I look thinner there, but I didn't get any shots of these to share with you other than the Polaroid so I'll have to put that up.

I picked up that old green book I'm "reading" at the Santa Monica Airport Flea Market two days before. It's an old book about spaceships and aliens from Mars and Venus, with pictures, diagrams and descriptions -- very cool.

Sunday took this shot over Mark's shoulder. For someone who loves theatre and film as much as I do I'm amazingly shy and uncomfortable being photographed. It doesn't help that I'm missing teeth and still waiting for the dentist to make the fakes, but Mark kept making me laugh so I'd show my teeth. I'm just praying they'll Photoshop this, I can't imagine why they'd want pictures of a hicky looking gal with missing teeth.

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Woman's Day Photo Shoot -- Kitchen Pics

Beau and I are taking guitar lessons twice a week with this nice guy you see here, Danny. He's very cool and super talented. He put up with all the photo shoot, house dressing, drama. We were shooting the garden when I took this picture of them.

This is our family room -- the room connected to the kitchen. The letters stand for our last names, C for Beau, T for Scott, and the H for me. I don't even remember where I got the Bra Salon sign but I love it. The Asian sign came from a dealer who has a house in Thailand. I have another one in my bedroom that's black and old and a big wooden astrologer/palm reader sign as well. I like old wooden signs, I think there's something cool about them, the colors and shapes, the feel of them.

There's a wonderful, old Victoria back there under that plant. The armoire was a gift from my parents when I turned sixteen -- it was probably the last thing I wanted at the time. I think I wanted a sweet sixteen disco party or something like that -- something I could wear a sequined tube top to.

Here's another angle of the kitchen/family room. I just had that valance made. Five years we've lived here and it took this magazine shoot to get me to finish the windows. I used vintage tablecloths I collect and had this woman we've only recently met, piece it together. I bought the pom pom trim for a song and she tacked it on for me. I think it turned out really well.

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Woman's Day Shoot -- Living Room, Powder Room, Dining Room

This is a close up shot of some of the things on either side of the mantelpiece in the living room. That's me when I was little taking ballet classes. The tiny picture is a shot of my Parents on a speedboat and the bigger picture in the back is of my Grandparents with my Mom. You can see one of the many pieces of Roseville that I collect. My favorite pattern is Apple Blossom but I also collect Magnolia. I collect both the blue and green shades of these as well as McCoy, Weller, Bauer, and other California Pottery pieces. It just depends on the look and feel of the piece and the glaze. In the living room it's mostly blues and greens with hints of pink and purple.

This is one of my doctor or dentist's cabinets that everyone was mad for a few years back. Everyone was stripping them down to the metal and then coating them so they wouldn't rust, mine rusted. I got tired of the look of the raw metal so I just painted them white. I'll probably get sick of the paint and strip them again in a couple of years. I keep these little Chinese planters and figurines in this one.

Here's the green cabinet in the dining room that got so much attention when it was in the last magazine shoot -- argh, Jake, my favorite cat, is just determined to sit on my lap, but he's too big and I can't type with him there. He's jealous because Leelu has managed to squeeze in to this little space between my body and the laptop and he wants to be where she is. I keep picking her up and moving her to the side and she just comes right back.

I don't know if you can see the little paintings to the right of the cabinet but they were my Dad's and I'd always liked them so one year Mom wrapped them up and gave them to me for Christmas, I was so touched I cried. They're old oil portraits on porcelain.

This is our powder room downstairs. This bathroom is off of the library on the ground floor, but when we folded the maid's room into Beau's room upstairs we no longer had a room for a live in, helper being, and I had to give up our library to Anna. I hate this because I'd always hoped we'd be able to use this room as a real library, a wonderful, comfortable, cozy place to read and rest but it's never really worked out that way. It always wound up being an emergency guest bedroom/catch all for all the junk we couldn't find anywhere better to store. Now Anna needs a bedroom and while this room is pretty, has really high ceilings and big French doors, it's not really good enough for her, at least not as a bedroom, she needs more privacy. I don't have a picture of it because with all the wood paneling it's kind of dark and hard to photograph.

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Woohoo! That's It, We're Done, Finally! Phew!

This is a picture of my beloved Sydsu right before he ate a fly. He's so funny and he's so brave now when before he was so shy he seemed almost feral. You can see the new bedspread I had made -- that was fun. I can't keep it on the bed though -- it'll have to be one of those, "just for company," kind of things 'cause the cats will shred it. At the bottom of the bed you can see the top of an old glove mold that I bought a while ago and haven't been able to figure out what to do with. It had such a great sculptural quality that I had to have it. I should really be a professional shopper, I just don't know how to go about doing it. One of the painters asked me if the glove mold was some kind of cat scratcher for the cats to walk through. They also asked if some of our cats were Chihuahuas but everyone does that. I think that's Jake back there on the right.

This is about as close to what the actual shot of my bedroom is going to look like because Mark took it for me. Those are my squeaky cats that I collect on the top shelf there. I had to bring them back out of the garage because we had tucked them away when I got sick of having them plopping down on top of my head at night and frightening me awake, when the cats knock them off for kicks. They also like to walk across them and it sounds so funny because they squeak.

Sunday wrote the little plan on the black or green board. We were trying to think up things to write and while I would have preferred a quote or much better yet, anything drawn by my friend Jen, theOlive here on Live Journal, we wound up having to settle for this. I really don't think I would need to remind myself to have breakfast in bed since I pretty much do this every day when I have my daily protein shake and catch up on all things computer.

I've beaten this to death here on my journal but for anyone new, my Mother and Grandmother were dress designers and I collect their dresses when I can afford to buy them. This is one of Granny's, (Peggy Hunt), dresses. It's so pretty. It's silk, I just love this rose print and of course it has her trademark illusion lace neckline.

This is my bathroom but I forgot to turn on the light under the sink and I didn't get shots of the Chinese lanterns over the tub. Oh well, some other time. You can see them if you follow the link from my journal to the ME magazine photos. Funny thing though, I am so tired of this cutesy flowery style now that I am ready to move on to something else. I'd love to do a modern house, or a mid-century modern, even though that's been done to death. Oooh how about Japanese Luxe? Something kind of Hollywood meets Japanish?
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