August 11th, 2004


Rollo says...

I'm so tired and I have to get up early tomorrow for a four hour dentist appointment. I've been waiting for this appointment forever. My dentist parcels them out like diamonds. It's the same with my gynecologist. She stands me up, forgets to call, then doesn't have anything for months, argh, frustration. Anyway I need sleep badly but I am sitting here playing with this Haiku Thing I love Haikus. Here are some of the ones I pulled off the site.

Dogs swim in the sea
Fish make love, children are sick
and you drink water?

I love my big toe
It reminds me of something
That I can't mention.

"let's get a cold one..."
"Dad, eight year olds don't drink beer"
"Oh, yes I forgot"

So furry and sweet,
Whiskers and claws like razors --
Rats give me kisses.

Some people will ask,
"Why are you always naked?"
and I will just laugh.

I went to dinner tonight with Mom, Atra, Arta, Maryam, Guila and Farsheed. We took them to The Los Angeles Country Club. We ate outside on the patio and watched the evening turn dark. I had pasta and brought my salmon home for the cats. There was an amazing Valrohna chocolate sampler that we shared for dessert. Mom chatted happily with the men. I loved that she was happy. She's so smart and social, I've always admired this about her.

Last night I went with Scott to Northridge to see a house he is going to try to buy. I was happily surprised. It's a definite fixer upper in a neighborhood that is just waiting to be discovered -- not too great, not too terrible, houses barely under 500k. Amazing, that the same amount of money that once bought my friend Karen's gorgeous old haunted home in the Palisades and an entire lot next door, gets you a little shoe box in the valley now.

This housing market baffles me, but I want to see Scotti get something of his own and this would be a great way for him to start. It has three small bedrooms, one and three quarter baths, a fireplace, a living room/dining area, a storage unit barn thing in the backyard, a built in barbecue on the back patio and a nice spa/Jauzzi tub thing where I am certain we are going to have some fun.

We went for a walk afterwards and checked out the neighborhood. I talked to some of the neighbors to get a feel for the place. Then we drove around a bit and had dinner at a downscale Latin restaurant that had good authentic food.

I rode my funny, scary, bright green Italian Rollo the clown bike today. It says, "More clowns on more bikes...more often," and has a squeaky clown head for a horn. I'm usually pretty afraid of clowns but this one is kind of cute in an evil Italian sort of way.

There are way too many cats on my bed right now.

Wouldn't it be cool if tomorrow night I didn't have all of these empty spaces in my mouth where teeth used to be?

Wouldn't it be great if my Birth-Mother loved me enough to tell my who my Birth-Father is, told her family about me, and let me meet my brother and sisters. Dream on Miss Jacqui.

I keep trying to read back through my journals, responding to comments and visiting friend's journals but I never seem to be able to cover much ground, I'm too easily distracted. But I'll never stop trying.

Okay me super tired, must sleep.

Love you,

PS: Prayers for my cat Lucilla and Scott's getting his house?