October 29th, 2004


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This is something I posted on a few of the animal rights community forums I belong to. I just thought I'd explain that to help you understand why it's written in the way it's written.

I have so many sweet little mundane Halloween and art and crafty doings I'd love to share with you, but all of this has upset me so much I just can't bring myself to write a light and chipper post just now -- maybe later.

Oh man I just realized you can scroll right and see more images and that this woman has dead bunnies and rats as well, I'm so sad sad sad : (

Hi, My friends, I don't post here too often. I'm super wary and protective of my animals and since I have a few more than I am legally allowed to have -- meaning the animal cops could just stroll on by, round them up and murder them, (in a cruel backwards twist on what is considered humane), at any moment -- I live in fear of posting stuff publicly. I so need to move to an area that is more rural and has less stringent laws governing the allowed numbers of animals but I have an elderly mother who pulls our financial strings so for now I'm kind of stuck. We work so hard to care for our rescued friends. We buy the absolute best food, provide the best care, the best vets, I am going in the hole financially because of this. Our animals are so well loved and cared for, I just don't get why anyone would want to hurt them and hurt us by putting all of us at risk but they do. The last time I posted a photo of all of our cats together on my bed, the animal cops showed up very shortly afterwards. It might have been my evil neighbor but I'll never know for certain and I am very scared. Just writing this feels dangerous. Whatever, I just wanted to explain why I lurk rather than post.

Anyway there was a debate going on in a friend's journal yesterday regarding the use of either murdered animals or taxidermic animals and bullshit animal arranged art. I got so enraged I wanted to kill these people, seriously -- I just see red when I run into this kind of thing, when I so want to be a spiritually elevated pacifist gal. I've been all over this first site trying to find a way to write to them or contact them by phone. This woman supposedly, "humanely," murdered a black cat and then used his head and tail to attach him to a blue vase, photograph it and call it art. I hate so much I want to scream.

"There is nothing illegal in Nathalia's art. She has killed the animals in as humane a way as possible. Has she been guilty of a moral crime? We do not think so. We think that art is of vital importance. What do you think? "

I think I want to trash your gallery, gather up these cats and give them a proper burial. I think I want to tie up this woman or creature Nathalia and force her to undergo some kind of Clockwork-Orange-like reconditioning process so that she would develop some fucking empathy in her cold detached state, art fart, I just hate.

The second link is to an "artist" who makes arrangements out of rats, bunnies and birds. And to think she won a Fullbright scholarship for this kind of work. God, the world is just so twisted and flipped on it's ass right now, I just don't get it. Things seemed to be going along pretty well there for a while in the early days of Clinton's presidency and then everything took a nose dive.

Anyone have any ideas on what I can do to protest this? Do you guys see a link to an e-mail or phone number I'm missing. I want to call and make things very clear to these people.

And don't even get me started about fur. Every catalogue I open is loaded with animal skins. Each time I get one I pick up the phone, call someone in advertising and get into a fight or a debate. It's so wearying, and I'm so sick of it, but it's the least I can do and it sure beats the impotent rage I feel when I just sit back and do nothing. Any ideas? Come to my journal and chat at me because I just know I'll forget to check back here and look for responses.

Very sad and weary animal loving hugs,

The only consolation I can take away from this is that karma is indeed a very powerful and beautiful thing.