November 14th, 2004


Aquarium Break In Shark Murder and Hard Times With My Man

My friend Howie just let me know that someone broke into our semi-local aquarium, (it's in Long Beach -- we love it so much that even though it's about an hour away, we're members, we're members of The Monterey Bay Aquarium as well, and that's hours and hours away from us, we're lucky if we get to go every other year, I just love the sea so much,) murdered one of the rays, (I so love the rays, first big sea creature I ever saw scuba diving -- graceful, underwater bird like creatures -- love them so,) and several sharks. Bastards. I shouldn't use that word because sadly, painfully, I have to admit that I am a bastard, I really am. I need something meaner and more biting. I guess I'll just call them cruel, ignorant, assholes and leave it at that.

I'm just so upset for those poor sharks and that ray. They took them out of their pools and just left them out of the water to die, tossed them over fences and into other habitats. They poked them with poles and sharp objects. I so hope the police catch these guys and hold them up to ridicule and then serious prosecution, but it doesn't seem likely. They're probably a bunch of gangy teenagers sitting around patting themselves on the back for having stood up to, "Sharks, man." I get so disappointed in humanity, it all makes me so sad and weary sometimes.

This was the best exhibit, and even though I am of two minds regarding zoos and aquariums, I thought it was good for people to be able to see sharks going through their different growth stages. I thought it was good for people to be able to interact with them and work through their fear and hatred. But then I always love the unlovable, embrace the most rejected and feared creatures, because I know that when it comes to other species we are often ignorant and prejudiced by our fears, and there is something good and lovable about everyone and everything. I swam with sharks in Tahiti and I felt nothing but respect and awe. We swam together in peace. I thought they were beautiful.

I'm at Scott's tonight. I was here last night as well. We've had a tough time getting along. We've fought and made love and then fought and made love and fought again. Now I'm just really sad and weary and want to be left alone. He's been so edgy, jumpy, anxious, and weird, and I've been overly sensitive and angry. He went to bed and I stayed here in the living room so I could chill out with the computer but I feel like I should go in there and hold him and tell him everything is okay. Should I? Oh alright I'll go give him a cuddle and then I'll be back, wish us luck.