January 13th, 2005


Rainy Days

Here are some pictures from one of our many rainy days here. I finally found my ScanDisk memory card reader and was able to get them into the computer, sheesh.

These are the leaves that were rushing by in the gutter in front of our house. They were so bright and pretty I had to stop and take a couple of pictures. You can see one of the infamous spiky balls that trip up and hurt so many people on our block. It really hurts when you fall or step on one. The birds and the squirrels love them though, and we have fun dipping them in glitter and making strings of them to hang up for holidays.

These are my neighbors orange trees. They always let us pick them. We haven't done this in a long while though, not since Irma and the kids left : ( We used to pick and eat them on our walks. They're tangy and sweet.

I saw these lovely ornamental pear tree blossoms from my car and had to stop again to take pictures. Everything looks so much lovelier in the rain when things are wet and dripping with water. Something about the sky when it's heavy and grey makes the light that much prettier and the colors seem richer somehow.

I love Chinese Magnolias, especially when their leaves fall, scattering bruised, purple, and pink blossoms all over the ground.


Rainy Day Part Two

It was such a fun day to have my camera and be out taking pictures. I kept discovering things that I wanted to take pictures of. This cute little boy was hanging out in the window of my drug store.

I felt a little guilty about taking his picture without asking his Mom's permission but she'd left him alone there in the window and he looked so cute in his little jacket, all bundled up against the rain and cold.

He didn't seem to mind my taking his picture, but what I really wanted to get was a shot of him licking the window. He was just sucking away on it, but I never managed to get a good shot of this. He must have liked the cold feel of the glass.

Here is most of the gang from our local bakery that I'm always writing about. I feel so fondly towards these guys. They're sweet, or well, they became sweet after I pummeled away at them for about a year. Kindness will get you everything, heh ; )

I spent the afternoon with my old friend Susan on Monday. We have a hard time arranging get togethers because I'm a semi-agoraphobic-shy-girl who hates to make commitments, and she is a super-busy-college-professor-theatre-department-chairperson whose every move is scheduled. It was great seeing her. I always love visiting her at her house by the beach.

I love the ocean and even in the rain, and despite heavy grey weather, it lifts my heart just to get a glimpse of it. I gave her this scarf that I made for her and we had dinner together at a nearby restaurant in Malibu. There was a strange energy worker guy standing in front of a pet store that we passed on the way to the restaurant. He stopped us and asked if we would be willing to let him give us a sample healing. Now how Malibu is that? Of course I felt sorry for the guy, he looked so cold and awkward, standing there with his hands held in such an unusual way that I thought I'd be kind and give the guy a chance.

Susan was a little wary and concerned when he asked us to walk around to the side of the building so he could summon his energies to work on me. She hung back a bit and watched while he did some weird movements and then he put one hand in front of my face and the other over my head. I stood there in the damp for a while, waiting to feel something, while he asked me questions about my health. I told him that I had problems with my bladder and weight issues etc. Then he suggested I close my eyes and let him know if I saw any colors or felt any tingling and I really didn't but I tried to convince myself that I did, and then I felt bad for him so I kind of lied and said that I did.

When I couldn't stand it any more I said, "Ummm, you know, I need to stop now," and he was good about it. I thanked him and made nice, but then he told me that if I would come to see him that he would be able to help me with my galbladder problems, sigh. I want so badly to believe in things like this, but while I always hope for some kind of mystical magical proof, I remain deeply skeptical at heart. Oh well, maybe there is something wrong with my gallbladder as well. My poor dear friend Karen just had to have hers removed -- lots of people who have weight loss surgeries and wind up losing a lot of weight all at once, wind up having to have them taken out, so who knows.

Of course the very next thing I did was go into the pet store and adopt a cat, but don't tell anyone ; )