March 27th, 2005


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Happy Easter Everyone!

Well, I somehow managed to get a whole heck of a lot done today, not as much as I normally do, but a lot. I bought Beau his drum set at the pawn shop, heh, and a subwoofer. I also bought a lot of the kinds of candy he likes -- Fruit Roll Ups, Gushers -- those chewy fake fruit candies you find in the breakfast aisle near the cereals. I also bought Peeps and chocolate bunnies and eggs because how can you pass up on those? I'm going to get up super early and hide all of these around the garden and then I'll give Beau and Phil easter bags, (I was just way too late to buy decent baskets and all of the many baskets we already have are tucked away in storage and too hard to get to), and let them have a candy hunt.

I had so much more to share with you -- I wrote another entry earlier -- but I just don't have the energy or time to edit and put it up here. If I'm going to get enough sleep to be able to beat the kids up in the morning, (not beat them up but beat them to getting up), I have got to sign off and go to bed.

I wish I had found a panoramic egg, you know those sugar eggs with the little peephole in them, I love those, and the big papier mache eggs from Germany. I have so much Easter stuff in storage, but again, I just couldn't make the time to do it this year, oh well : (

Okay that's it for me.

Love you guys,

Terri Schiavo's Caregiver's Affidavits

You have got to read these. Then tell me she should be starved to death. This is just evil, pure and simple. If you would rather die than be profoundly impaired that's fine, I understand and I totally and completely support you, (I would give you an overdose of morphine if I could), but it is not clear that this is what she wanted, and just because we might want something does not mean that we can assume someone else would. You can't know how you would feel unless you are in this position. Michael Schiavo, the bastard, should not be allowed to have custody of Terri, as he clearly has a conflict of interest here in that he stands to profit by her death. Isn't this obvious? The man is not trying to honor a beloved wife's final wishes. Just look at his behavior, it doesn't take a law professor to see that this man does not care at all about his poor "wife". I think that everyone should put their wishes down in writing and we should then go ahead and honor those wishes, but in the case where someone has not left these wishes in writing, then the one person who stands to benefit the most by that person's demise should not be the one person whose word we trust.

Affidavit of Heidi Law, forever caregiver for Terri
Affidavit of Carla Sauer Iyer, forever caregiver for Terri