September 19th, 2005


Another Burning Man Entry -- Friday 9-2-05

Okay, so here comes one of my remaining promised entries from the last few days of Burning Man; these are the ones we couldn't get out because as the week went on and more people jammed the city, it was almost impossible to get online. This also accounts for the lack of news getting through to us about Hurricane Katrina and what was happening to everyone near the Gulf. I have a few more to post and will put them up as I can, then I'll just backdate the whole lot of them so that they'll appear in order. I'm still working on the pictures but I've promised myself I won't let them slide like I did last year and the year before and the year...

Burning Man 2005 Friday

Beau Stays Out All Night In the Ball Pit, My Turn to Have a Bad Back -- It Was E-Dave's Turn Last Year, the Kids, DJs Paul Oakenfold and Tiesto, the Critical Tits and Dicks Parades, Skydivers, Kids Falling In Love or Lust, and Angry Parents

I woke up early this morning -- after a night of very little sleep -- because Mr. Beau was out until four in the morning, and I was really worried. It turns out that he was here in Kidsville all along and was just laying in the ball pit with all of the other teenagers, but, as permissive and liberal as I may seem, I truly don't like the idea of my fifteen-year-old son being out in what can be a very dangerous and super sexual environment until four in the morning.

I don't mind his going out of camp and having fun, as long as I know more or less where he is and who he's with, and he checks in with me and comes back at a reasonable time. It was easier when he was younger because he didn't care about things that were happening beyond the confines of Kidscamp which later became Kidsville. He'd go out with friends during the day, large groups of parents and kids at night, and with me, but never on his own, and never for what I thought was that late at night. Now that he's older he's more independent and naturally he's going to want to explore more, and sadly as happens with all kids and their parents, he isn't that into hanging out with me. Or to be fair, he'd be glad to go out with me, if I could keep up with him. We had a blast the other night at center camp, but with my back having gone out this year, (this happened last year to our beloved E-Dave who everyone was depending on to drive kids around in his art truck, and he was so heroic about it, he hooked up this sling thing for his arm, and went our anyway, he's been smarter about all of the driving this year and has camped a small ways away from Kidsville so he isn't quite as much of an art car taxi slave), I just can't do as much and have to be grateful for what I can do -- grateful that I'm even here.Collapse )