October 1st, 2005


Burning Man 2005

Here finally, is another one of my Burning Man, Playa Journal entries. It's enormous, as usual. One more down, five more to go...

Friday afternoon

It is almost as if you were
frantically constructing another world
while the world that you live in
dissolves beneath your feet,
and that your survival depends
on completing this construction at least
one second before
the old habitation collapses
-- Tennessee Williams

I haven't been able to find my friends Jackie and Julian this year. Last year they had a photo-camp on the inside of the center camp circle and they were backed up against the Billion Bunny March people. But they aren't there this year and I wasn't able to reach them before we left. I'll have to see if I can track them down through Playa Info.

We thought it would be fun for Beau to join the march this year wearing his big bunny costume but we missed it. It's really hard to find or even get to things on time once you do manage to locate them. The Billion Bunny March is a wild group of fun and funny people who wear any kind of variation of a rabbit costume and march out to The Man together. They decorate cars, motorcycles, and bikes like carrots and ride them. But in a typically rebellious Burning Man twist on all of this, there is another group calling themselves The Carrot Liberation Front and they went out and protested against the bunny march with signs like "End the Bunny Terror" and "Go Home Rabbits." I heard that the Black Rock Animal Control people, (who wear uniforms and have a big wagon with bars on it), came and caught the bunnies with big nets, tagged them, and put them up for adoption. Last year these guys came and tried to catch our children.Collapse )

Globalgasm and Pink + Relief


use your genitals for good!

Oh wow, I just read about Halcyon and Tassy's Globalgasm event that they hold every Sunday night at nine PST. This'll probably freak out a few of my more conservative readers but hey, I'm all about freedom, nudity, expressed sexuality, (as opposed to repressed), and love, and if someone reading my journal hasn't figured that out by now, then they aren't reading this for the right reasons, (or they really haven't been reading), so I guess I'll just have to let go of the fear because these are the kinds of things I believe in.

Apparently they invite people to coordinate their sexuality, and have orgasms, or whatever, around the world at the same time in order to send out positive energy. However, this Sunday is special because they are hosting an event called Pink + Aid and are raising proceeds for Hurricane Katrina Victims. I think this one's at seven but I'm not sure, you'll have to check the website. Sounds good to me. I'm going to try to get Scott to join me in "participating" in this. Anyone interested?

Here's what they say about their weekly Globalgasms on their website;

"Globalgasm is a weekly digital orgy with the intent of healing the planet.

Imagine the entire world having sex at once!

To participate, simply have a orgasm at the designated time!

That shouldn't be too hard (pardon the pun). But don't think of it as "just" an orgasm...think of it as your role in a huge global release.

The world needs an injection of focused, positive, sexual energy. If we all do it at the same time, we can build off each other and elevate the vibe to an earth-shattering level.

Many of us do it in front of webcams so we actually share the experience visually. Regardless of where you release, we all share the experience spiritually. No matter where we are physically, we are all together in our minds.

Globalgasm is a collective expression of sexual healing (no disrespect to Marvin Gaye.)

Now, more than ever, the world could use some help. And if this all seems too new-agey for ya...heck, its certainly can't hurt."

Here's what they have to say about Pink + Aid;

"PINK+AID is an attempt to raise money and consciousness for help with Hurricane Katrina relief efforts. If we were rich, we’d send in money. If we were skilled, we’d pick up a hammer. But we are sexual superheroes…so PINK+AID allows us to help in the best way we know how."

And here's the link to their special Pink Aid event.

Here are a few pictures I took of Halcyon this year from the viewing platform above Media Mecca. I'll put them behind the cut because I just can't stand the complaints I get from people whose fingers can't be bothered to scroll. If it's browser speed, I understand that, but mostly the people who give me a hard time about this kind of stuff are lazy style Nazis. Sorry, it had to be said.Collapse )

My Run In With a Wild Drugged Out Guy at Burning Man This Year

I don't want to overwhelm you all with too many entries in too short of a period but since I put this up on the Burning_Man community journal I thought I should go ahead and share it with all of you as well. I was attacked, (which seems like such an overly-dramatic expression for what happened), at Burning Man this year and I haven't gotten around to posting that journal entry yet. But here's what I wrote about it today.

Hello My Beloveds,

I'm putting up my playa journal entries, slowly but surely, on my Live Journal, if you're interested. I'm still editing the hundreds and hundreds of pictures we always take, but I did put a few up a couple of days ago and you'll be able to see those as well.

It's been hard coming back this year. I've been in a bigger depressed funk than I can ever remember being in. Maybe because I spent every dime I had, and then borrowed more, in order to get there and back, and came back super poor for the entire month of September. I've never been to a Decompression before, but since I'm super aware of how much we need it, I'm going to grab my son and make the drive all the way from LA to San Francisco and give it a try.

I've already taken all of the dreads and colors out of my hair and packed away the costumes, so we'll have to improvise somehow : )

I hope you're all happy and well. I'm doing better finally, my back went out this year for the first time, (I'm a single Mom and I always overdo it, with all the shopping, packing and unpacking, and driving a thirty foot RV from LA to Black Rock and back) and I had to spend a good amount of time resting it instead of getting to go out and play.

It didn't help that I got jumped this year by some poor crazy man who was whacked out of his mind on some seriously aggressive substance. He came at me from out of nowhere, really, (it probably seemed that way because he wasn't wearing anything other than a pair of super dusty boxers, and he definitely wasn't lit in any way,) and after trying to push me over once, and then wrestling with my bike while I tried to hang on, he just kind of went after the big white fairy wings that were zip-tied to the basket on the back. He tackled me to the ground and might have done worse had it not been for the Sheriff who had been tailing him and was there within seconds to help me up.Collapse )