May 10th, 2006


Blythe, David Blaine, The Surreal Life, Aging in LA

Here's Ferris going to school here for the first time.

And here she is at the end of the day waiting for her Mom to come pick her up.

My first Blythe dolly arrived a few days ago and since my Mom's health scare has been sort of put on hold for a few more days, I finally felt cheery enough to take Ferris, (my new doll), out to take some pictures of her for her lovely original owner/designer Lisa. I kind of feel like I owed it to her. She had to travel all the way from Maryland to get here and I wanted her to see her dolly in a couple of local settings. Beau's cool school and the bluff by the beach in Santa Monica seemed like a good place to start.

I'm super late coming to this party. I didn't even know my friend Jen had been collecting them until I went to her journal and started reading back through some of the entries I had missed. I love dolls and costuming and when you combine this with digital photography this kind of makes for a fun minor hobby that seems almost custom made for me. Anyway, I bought this pretty Blythe dolly, Ferris, on eBay, and I've bought a few outfits for her as well. Some of my favorite clothes for Blythe can be found at Sugar Mag, but I'm looking forward to making some of my own.

Here's Ferris with her own backpack sitting on all of the other kids backpacks. I got her an outfit like the kinds the kids wear so she'd fit in, heh.

The kids at Beau's school were soooo excited about her. Poor Beau, he has to put up with his wacky weird Mom. On the other hand his pals get that I'm kind and fun, and they tell him this, but I wonder if it wouldn't be easier for him to have a more normal Mom, one who doesn't show up with a blue haired big eyed doll and a camera.

Oh crap that reminds me, I just finished burning some CDs for the kids but I forgot to add the Blythe pictures to them. Luckily they're rewritable so it'll be easy, I think. I need a new computer, this laptop is two years old now, (I can't believe it, time just zips by, but Paul Theroux has a great line about this in Hotel Honolulu, something about a year becoming a smaller fraction of the life we've lived as we get older. Kind of makes sense then why time feels slower when you're younger because it's a bigger piece of the total pie, my pie slices are getting really small these days), and it's pretty much shot. The J key is gone -- I broke it off when I was trying to clean cat hair out from under the keys -- and the DVD drive keeps opening up right when I'm trying to do something important.

Here's Beau's friend Stephanie checking out Ferris.

None of Beau's friends had ever seen a Blythe dolly before; They wanted to look under her dress, pull her eye string, (Blythe has a string on the back of her neck that you pull to change the color of her eyes, it makes a click sound and then her little eyes change), and know everything about her. They asked lots of questions. A couple of Beau's friends wrote down her name so they could look her up on Google and eBay. I have a feeling her My Space visibility is about to increase among the under seventeen set. Like she needs any more visibility

It kind of amazes me how her popularity keeps expanding. You'd think this cult of Blythe would wane, but no way, people keep coming up with new ways to customize her, new ideas to incorporate. I've made a wonderful new pal, actually a couple, I just haven't had the time to write back to everyone yet, but this one new friend and I have so much in common it's amazing, and she is kindly going to build my first customized Blythes for me. Her work is really great but she doesn't have a website, so I can't show it to you. I can show you a doll of hers that I really wanted but couldn't afford. My bidding on this and then making the mistake of writing about the process of this in a local Blythe community caused a lot of drama that I seriously don't need. It almost turned me off to the whole thing right when I was just getting started. Fortunately there are also some really nice people there and thank God for that because the last thing I want or need in my life is any more sturm und drang when all I really was doing was looking to participate in a fun little creative outlet.

I even have a couple of my own ideas for doll customizations, that I'm pretty excited about, things no one's done before in the World O' Blythe, and I honestly think I'm going to do this. As you know, I am always trying to find ways to raise money to support my little rescue zoo here, and the custom dollies can go for hundreds of dollars on eBay. Anything I can do that's fun and creative that will also make money, is a good thang. I just have to keep these under my hat because if I'm not careful some other Blythe folks will jump on this. I've only told one friend who I trust, she's a Blythe Queen, and she thinks it's a great idea so I'm going to go ahead. I wish I could write about this in detail here, like I'm so used to doing, but I can't. : ( I will when I'm done.

Beau's birthday is tomorrow. He wanted the world's biggest flat screen TV, but then who doesn't? Mom got him some furniture for his room instead. He likes modern, so he's getting some retro seventies book shelves, a couch, and two little cubey coffee table things that have tops that flip over and reverse to ottomans. I got him a small digital camera and some pants, and Scott is getting him a long skateboard. He'll have lemon cake from Paris Pastry and the birthday riot from Balloon Celebrations tomorrow, and then we're going to have a small party here for him on the nineteenth. Even with all of this, it's nothing compared to some of the stuff that the other parents do for their kids, renting hummer limos and taking scads of kids to concerts. Big sweet sixteen parties, bar and bat mitzvahs, and quincenieras. Have you seen some of the insane stuff parents do for their kids on that show, My Sweet Sixteen, are they insane? I think I do too much for Beau, what happens to kids who get not one but two top of the line cars, when they don't even know how to drive yet, and Daddy hires Beyonce to sing at their party for 500K?

The day before yesterday Beau and I went skateboarding again. We rode all the way to the bottom of my neighborhood and then over to a big local parking lot where I practiced making turns and going downhill. I'm starting to feel a little less stiff and my back isn't freaking out quite so much afterwards. I like sports where you're actually doing something, other than using weights, (cause I like weights), exercise that is merely that, doesn't interest me. I like swimming, scuba diving, bike riding, nature walking and hiking, horseback riding, and now skateboarding, again. I rode so much when I was a kid. I'm just counting the days until I get to show you a picture of my scabbed up knees and elbows, oh well, at least I'm getting outside and moving.

Okay, well, as usual, I'm running late and have to get going. We need water for the fish tanks, litter for the cats, and I have to drop off the vacuum cleaner. Then I get to pick up Beau from school, and meet up with Scott to pick out a long board skate board for Beau from Scott for his birthday.

Two brief and super unimportant current event questions; Do you think David Blaine employed any sleight of hand or illusion in his latest challenge, or was it all training and risk? I like him. I don't know why there's such a backlash against him. I think he's cute and I like that he challenges himself, or makes us think he does. I'm just curious. Also, do any of you watch The Surreal Life? What's up with Tawny Kitaen? And how come guys get to go on looking good for so much longer than we do? I'm not crazy thinking this am I? I mean they seem to have much greater career longevity. Believe me I would have nooo trouble falling in love with an eighty-one year old Paul Newman, but if it were the other way around, if a forty-four year old man fell in love with an eighty-one year old woman, the world would be up in arms. Look at Demi and Ashton, what's the big deal? Sheesh.

It's scary to me, the whole aging thing, especially because I live here in the land of We must stay youth-beautiful forever, and I still dream of working. When I see someone who just moments ago was known for being a babe, who suddenly looks, well, tired, it worries me. It makes me want to rush to the doctors for Botox, fillers, and those minimally invasive face lift string barb things. But I've got to get my stomach and boobs done first, and everything costs so much more than I can afford. On the other hand, my chances of working are all about character and comic roles, at this point, so I don't want to look too nipped and tucked, although at this point, I guess I don't have to worry too much about that.

Yikes, I have to go...

Big hugs,

PS: I also went to the beach and took some pictures of Ferris there. I put them behind the cut.Collapse )

Ashes and Snow, An Arbor Koa Longboard, and Getting Game Geeky Over Spore

It seems just a tad silly to post one of my wee digital snaps mere inches away from the elegant and moving work of a photographer like Gregory Colbert, but I like this little picture of a lady bug that I took the other day and if I don't put it up now, I may just forget to show it to you : )

Oh my Goodness, If you like gaming at all, you have got to check this out. Beau just came in and showed it to me; Spore.

Sorry I haven't had the time to respond to everyone, but I am reading your comments and I appreciate you all so very much. The plan for tonight is to catch up on belated birthday wishes, but I'm so tired that I'm listing to the right while I write this, and I still have to put together a little shell, sand, pearls and beach glass acrylic assemblage cube thing for Beau for his birthday. I know it doesn't sound exactly like the kind of thing a sixteen year old boy would appreciate but we've been sharing surf and sand, under water, and beach combing adventures since he was a baby, and he likes these little boxes I make, so I'm going to surprise him with his very own, and I still have to make him a card because he just told me that he made one for me for Mother's Day. Ack. I can't beg him for a hand made card and not do the same for him.

And again I am trying to break down the mystery of the verbs lay and lie. I even had Scott read aloud from my new book, Grammar Snobs Are Great Big Meanies. I think I finally understand that lay is something you can do to someone else, while lie is something you do yourself, but here is the tricky part, the past form of lie is lay. See why I get confused? But at least I know I'm not alone in this. How did I miss all of this in school, too much weed maybe?

Do you think I should I have bought those profiteroles at Smart and Final when I'm trying to lose the weight I've recently gained? These are the questions that matter. Hey, at least no one has thrown up on me tonight, not yet anyway.

Has anyone seen my friend Jen lately? I'm starting to worry about her.

Isn't this stunning? I want to marry it. You know me, if I like something, inevitably I'll end up wanting to marry it. Poor Scott, having to put up with a gal like me who wants to marry pretty much everything she sees. I wanted to marry a green baby sugar maple seed pod I saw today, and Beau's new birthday skateboard from Scott is starting to look pretty sexy to me, with that Hawaiian Koa wood finish, yum...

And my friend Mary will kill me if I don't drag my big weary old ass over to see the Ashes and Snow exhibit before it leaves for Italy on the fourteenth. Every day we say we'll see it, and inevitably we're all too tired. I'm going to drag us over there on Friday because Saturday it will be jammed. I love the idea of there being this Nomadic Museum, and of course these elegant photographs of nature; animals and people together. The photographs are so graceful, can't wait. Thanks as always Miss Mary, Miss Mary.

No new news about my Mom. It's clear that she doesn't want to know. It's easier for her to let the doctor take his time, so I'm working on surrender. I always seem to be working on this; surrender, courage, acceptance. Faith has never really been an issue, I'm blessed with tons o' that, but I could use a little help with some of these other pretty all important qualities.

I think I need to go back to Hawaii. I wonder if Oprah will let me use her house.

Big hugs,

PS: Sometimes Grey's Anatomy is so good that it breaks my heart, for a moment, because I do know that it's television after all, at least I hope I do.

PPS: Here's a picture of Beau's new longboard. As good as this is, this picture just doesn't do this board justice. It's so beautiful and I know that beyond the lines of it, which are beautiful, the magic of the Koa wood is what is really bringing it to life for me. I just pray that this same magic will keep my beloved child safe from harm.