September 22nd, 2006


(no subject)

The Father's of two of my old high school friends died this week, one earlier in the week, and one today. I just finished e-mailing letters to both of them. I feel so sorry for them because I know first hand how much this hurts. I also learned that one of the Sisters, (Sister Charles), who was one of my teachers in high school, just died, and she was such a sweetheart. But at the same time that I got this sad news I also got this really great news that my dear friend Mary's liver is free of cancer. So here I was, in the midst of dealing with the shock of hearing about my one friend's Daddy's having died, because I only just learned about it, and I know how VERY much she loved him, when I read this news about my friend Mary, and I was so happy, that even though I was so sad for my old pal, I have the flu, and I'm delirious with fever, I actually got up on my bed and jumped up and down and shouted, "Woohoo! Thank you God!" This completely freaked my poor cats out. But life...isn't life the most amazing thing -- that such sadness and loss can be bound up so closely with hope and happiness?