Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Oh puhleeeeease, VCA, my long time vet hospital, just called me for a customer satisfaction survey. This place is the most corporate, greedy, money-hungry animal hospital on the planet. Since when do they do customer surveys? I wonder if they;re losing business.

At one point I was spending thousands of dollars a month there on animal care. I am an extremely loyal person, I really, really, hung in there with them, but I was made to wait sometimes as many as three or four hours to be seen, I was treated rudely by office staff and doctors on a pretty consistent basis, and they were totally heartless and unbudging when it came to pricing. I spent a lot of time answering this survey, but I think it's a case of way too little, way too late. It'll surprise me if anything changes because of it, I think they're just looking for scapegoats.

After I left them in November, took my huge animal business elsewhere, they actually sent me a basket of fruit for Christmas. Huh. They never noticed me before, why now? I'll go to them for emergencies but as for my regular vet needs I've found someone else.

Okay, screw Fear Factor, never again, they're making people eat cow brains, like oooh that's such a cool weird thing to do. Last time I watched it, I felt badly for the scorpions and worms they put in these boxes with the celebritie's heads, I thought they were getting smushed when they pulled their heads out. Now I really hate them. Never again, never, ever, ever. Going to go whine about this on the animal rights community journal.

I think most of my posts have been in this kind of bad mood vein today, sorry.

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