April 10th, 2007


Margaritas and Money, Nature and Nurture

This is the long, non-illustrated version of our vacation adventure for folks who enjoy reading; I'll put up a photo-filled version for anyone who prefers visuals later. : )

Hi Everyone,

Thank you as always for all of your good wishes, kindness and support. I was finally released from the hospital, (Because I begged and then promised to stay here and check in frequently for at least three days before flying anywhere), and am now happily ensconced in our beautiful resort hotel, the Marquis Los Cabos. I'm weak, dizzy, and tired because my blood count is so low. My whole digestive system hurts, and it hurts to walk because I've stopped taking my anti-inflammatory medication, but I think my doctor is going to have me go back on it, so as long as I can avoid stress and all the foods I love I'll soon be my old plucky self.

With regard to the accusation I received from my anonymous and oh-so-kind admirer out there -- the super compassionate person who wrote to inform me that I was ruining, "another one of my Mother's vacations with more of my drama," and who called me a, "fat, entitled PIG," in capital letters -- I would just like to say that there is nothing on this earth that my Mother loves to do more than go on vacations with Beau, "the Grandson," and me.

Believe me when I say that one of the first things my Mother thought of when I had to be hospitalized was that if everything turned out okay then maybe we could turn this all around and end up having a good time here in Cabo. She was sick of the ship ("This is THE WORST boat I've ever been on,") and looking forward to an extended stay in a luxury hotel in Mexico. So contrary to what Josofthetruth, (Is there any way to track an IP address once someone has deleted their comment?), thinks I did not ruin my Mother's vacation, I extended and enhanced it.

I am glad to report that this is now the case and my Mom is happily hopping from one hotel to another, sitting by the pool eating shrimp ceviche, sipping frozen margaritas and getting her hair done. Perhaps the person who wrote to me, and some of the people who read this journal, don't understand that my Mother is a very wealthy woman, a multi-multi-millionaire who has a personal maid who travels with her at all times, and that despite her age, and however impossible this sounds, she is as healthy as a woman half her age and does twice as much.Collapse )