May 27th, 2007


Caw Caw Caw

Fledgling Crow In My Shower

Here's our little rescued crow pal. We found her hopping around on the sidewalk by a busy street with lots of dogs, wandering stray cats, and worst of all coyotes at night.

I know that fledglings will leave their nests and spend a couple of days bopping around gaining strength in their wings before they can actually fly. I know their parents stay nearby and bring food to them. But my instinct told me that this little person wasn't about to learn to fly any time soon and was in peril so I brought her home.

He or she is learning to take food from me. We're getting used to each other. Having to feed her every three hours is a bit of a pain, especially since I just finished weaning foster kittens.

Tuesday she'll pay a visit to the vet because I want her wings to be checked and I want to know when I can release her to rejoin her flock, poor little thing. She also has these kind of wart like things on one of her wings, on her neck and by her eyes. They freak me out a bit and I want to know if they're growths or parasites and if so would we be helping her if we removed them. I'm not even thinking about how much I wouldn't want to have one of these things growing on me, ack. No worries though, I've spoken by phone with a wildlife rehabilitator and we're doing everything we can for her.

You know I've always adored crows, well, all big black birds, the bigger the better, Tower of London, scary, raven big. And I have been trying to interact with the big flock of crows that live in our neighborhood. I put food out for them but they keep their distance. I feel so blessed to have had this little baby fall into my lap. I so hope I can do justice by her.