October 6th, 2007


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Hi Gang,

I have so much to catch you up on and as usual there's no time to do it. We've started the Halloweening early this year because I waited so long to get started last year that I actually ended up reaching this stress saturation point where I was muttering, "I hate Halloween," under my breath, and I just can't let that happen again.

I have pictures of Halloween things I've bought on Etsy.com. Oh God do I love Etsy, it's beginning to replace the great and glorious eBay for me in some ways. I would so much rather buy a gift for a friend that was made by another friend so that way my money is doing good all around. Etsy is just the best, you have to check it out if you haven't been. I'll post the things I've been adding to my collection as soon as I get permission from the sellers to use their photos, or edit the ones I've taken of things I've received. We're adding a few new mannequins this year, and of course I always have to buy something from D.L. Rhein, at least one of her wonderful monster dollies.

O-Band weight loss surgery wise I'm doing so much better. I just weaned off of the Vicodin, which was challenging because I'm always in so much pain, and it helps soooo much, but I can't keep taking it so its back to Tylenol for me.

The first couple of weeks weren't so bad, but because my surgery was more complicated than most -- it was one surgery on top of a previous surgery -- this may account for why I've needed a little more time to recover. Really the worst of it was worrying about it before hand, and now getting used to the fact that I have this odd foreign thing in my body, this port that I can feel, like a big round plastic button under my skin. And then there's the guilt and shame I feel for not being able to just Nike my way back to perfect health and weight all on my own without the assist of any kind of medical intervention.

When I woke up from the surgery, the worst pain I remember feeling was in my bladder because I had a catheter in, and well, my bladder pretty much freaks out when any liquids accumulate there or anything new is added. I'm guessing it didn't like the anesthesia, otherwise I can't really account for the serious bladder pain I was in for a couple of days afterwards. And my neck, shoulder, and left arm, was killing me. I've been to see my doctor who wants me to see a neurologist ASAP, and I have a nice new chiropractor. Everyone seems to think I have pinched nerves in my neck, which would account for the non-stop tingling and burning in my arm and the severe neck pain. I swear if it isn't one thing it's another. Oh well, that's life, eh?

I really love my surgeon Dr. Liu. I honestly think he is the best. He's just amazing, brilliant really, and compassionate on top of that, but he's actually a bit shy and is reserved because of this so you just have to barrel right through that to get to the other side and see what a sweetheart he is, what a beautiful family he has -- oh my God his daughters and his wife, they could easily be models. He also has a great sense of humor but again you have to either know him really well or not be afraid to throw your arms around him and give him a great big hug.

When I feel well enough and get some time here I'll post photos of my first visit post op. I took pictures of the band itself and the port, and Dr. Liu took pictures of my incisions and my belly, which I'm a tad shy to share with you, but probably will anyway, and then there are shots of me throwing my arms around Dr. Liu's neck and giving him a big kiss. But I hate looking at myself in these pictures and I might save them until I lose a ton of weight and can call them before shots, sigh. So far I've lost about twelve pounds and I haven't even had my first fill yet.

These next three sets of photos represent hours of work on my part. There are a couple of terrific vintage fashion discussion boards, (Well, there are probably thousands, but these are the ones I visit), where I posted prayer requests for my Mom, and the Vintage Clothing and Accessories Forum on eBay kindly offered to make my Mother and Grandmother the designers of the week. I think basically they nominate a designer and then everyone posts what they've sold or currently own of his or hers and then talk about their history. I thought this was so kind that I decided to upload the hundreds, (about a thousand actually), of photos I've saved of the dresses I've either bought or bid on, on eBay, through the years.

After doing that I couldn't exactly leave out the fashion show, especially after all of the hard work my friend Mary put in to making it happen, so I uploaded all of these photos as well. Then I made three mosaics that you can see below and shared those with the group. There was a bit of agita about copyright infringement etc. but we worked it all out. It's an interesting thread and if you care about vintage fashion or like old family stories you might want to check it out.

Funny about the copyright issue. The very first post in the thread was written by me and given to the lovely woman who was handling PR for us for the fashion show, although it's been changed a bit -- kind of like playing telephone in school. She distributed it and it ended up on a bunch of different sites where, of course, I never received credit for it.

If you click on the pictures you can see larger versions on my Flickr site and then if you look to the right you should be able to see sets of photos that you can browse through. There is a fashion show set that also includes some wonderful photos of Betty Davis, and of course my Mother and Grandmother when they were younger, a Peggy Hunt set that has about seven hundred photos in it, and one for my Mom, Jeannette Alexander with about a hundred and twenty pictures in it as well. Mom's dresses are harder to find because they were affordable and people just didn't save and treasure them the way they did with Granny's.

Thank you for your prayers and positive thoughts for Mom and her cancer. There really isn't much that we can do at this point except pray and hope that it grows slowly so that she'll have more time. But she's doing really well. She isn't in pain. She's a little weak and is losing her appetite but that isn't keeping her down. She has a super positive outlook, is eating ice cream, and playing bridge and hanging out with her friends. At her age it's entirely possible that something else might get in her way before the cancer does. I just selfishly want her to hang around here forever.

Jeannette Alexander Mosaic
These are Mom's dresses, Jeannette Alexander.

Peggy Hunt Mosaic
These are my Grandmother's dresses, Peggy Hunt.

Fashion Show Mosaic
And here finally are some shots from the Fashion Show we had at The El Rey Theatre although for some reason I feel like I've shared these with you before.

Anyway, I hope you're all happy and well. Naturally I've missed you and can't wait to catch up with all of you. Thanks as always for hanging in here with me and keeping me on your friend's lists when I've been so hit and miss with my postings.

Big Kisses and Hugs,