Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Hey Gang,

I just thought I'd put up a couple fabric images in case you could use them for anything. I think they come in handy for backgrounds, you can tweak them and use them in collages, or just use them as wallpaper or print them out and use them on cards.

These are all vintage barcloth from the 40's. I looove barcloth, it's so great for covering funny old furniture that you can get for nothing at thrift stores or at garage sales. I had this great vintage recliner that I covered in a rose patterned print but I didn't have anywhere for it when we moved here so I gave it to Esther.

I was in such a bad mood yesterday, I miss my little friend, I just gte sick of telling you when cat's die because when you have a billion pets it happens more often than it does for most people. He was such a great little guy and he was only two years old so I just don't get it. We're thinking it must have been inbreeding or a poor heart, I'm trying not to think about it too much, I think he's in a better place, at least I pray that he is.

I've been dreaming about my Dad lately too. I had prayed that he would come visit me in my dreams and then he did. I'm really happy about that. Okay, fabric.

It's so beautiful outside right now, rainy, grey, foreboding. I loooove grey skies, the way they look right before a big storm, reminds me of England.

Hey, guess what I added to my reading pile? Danny Bonaduce's Random Acts of Badness, it's great, he's so funny, so bright, a fun read about his insane past.

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