Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Prayer Request for my Cat Friends.

That last post was written yesterday. Today we're getting all of the teenager kitties fixed. I get really nervous about this kind of thing. It's probably the reason why I always wait too long to take care of it, and we wind up with kittens. There's this horrible percentage of anesthesia related deaths, when performing neuters and spays, and I'm terrified something will happen to one of my cats, and I will be responsible for it, by having had an elective surgery performed on them. I'd rather they be intact, spraying, mating, rasing hell and making trouble, than dead. I know this only makes sense to a big mushy oversensitive baby like me. Plus I hate it when people say stupid things like, well, you know the incidence of uterine and testicular cancer is much higher for these cats without these surgeries, which is utterly stupid. Of course my chances of getting breast cancer would be greatly reduced BY MY NOT HAVING BREASTS, or a uterus, or your having testicles. Sheesh. The vets are here, gotta go. Please say a prayer for my kitties?

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