Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Robbed at Ralph's, Cats Okay Sort Of

I was robbed at Ralph's tonight, well, not at gunpoint or anything, but some jerk stole my wallet. I left it in the front part of the basket, you know where the kids sit. I put a head of lettuce on it, and a bag of M&M's, the crispy kind, in front of it. I thought, that'll hide it, no one will see it there, and I kept a close eye on it. The only time it was out of my sight was when Beau spilled a bunch of black licorice jelly bellys and needed help cleaning them up.

Stupid wallet stealing jerk. They got away with two hundred dollars cash, all my credit cards, (ATM, Visa, a MasterCard of my Mom's, my calling card, etc.), and two prescriptions. One was for Ritalin, bet they're happy about that The other one was from my dentist for my recent dental work, it was for eight Vicodin. I love Vicodin, oh well. I can replace the cards, and I'll get over the loss of the money, but the things I'm the saddest about losing are my Dad's drivers license, an old driver's license of my Mom's, and a photo booth strip of pictures of Scott and me kissing : ( So mean. Scott and I can take another picture, but my Dad is gone, and I treasured his last license, it kept him close to me.

Of course I didn't notice it was gone until they had already rung up most of a four hundred dollar market trip, then came that panicky moment, the one you dread, where you have bags of groceries and suddenly, your wallet is missing. Oh man, the embarrassment, the discomfort, and these guys weren't the friendliest bunch of people either. They were all on slow speed robot auto mode or something. I had to force them to care, a little bit. Although they did say I could come in tomorrow and take a look at the security tape. That'll be weird. Just imagine what it would be like if you could replay any moment of your life like that. I'll be able to see myself come into the market, try a sample piece of grapefruit, do some shopping, help Beau clean up the jellybeans, and somewhere along the way see my wallet fall out and get picked up by someone who runs off with it, or see someone steal it out of my cart when my back is turned. I'm looking forward to it in a way, kind of like getting back a missing piece of time or something. Jerks.

Cat wise, everyone is okay. Thanks for your kind thoughts and prayers!!!! Sadly though four of the boys couldn't be fixed. The doctor discovered heart murmurs in three of them and Mini Mini Mini Chippy is too full of cold. I figured they wouldn't be able to work on Mini Mini Mini but I'm sad about the other guys. I'm guessing this is what has been killing the cats, this heart defect which is probably due to inbreeding. All of the teenager cats are related in some way, to a line of very inbred Cornish Rex kitties, I adopted from a friend in San Diego. God, that means this batch of kittens could be sick too, oh man. Big sigh.

Oh and poor Beau went flying over the handle bars of his bike. He's really interested in dirt bike jumping and BMX stuff now. I bought him a little ramp at Toys R. Us and he went over it but landed on his front tire and the bike is too light for that, so he flew forward. Luckily I fore him to wear all kinds of protective gear so he just hurt his wrist and his chest is bruised. De ja vue, I think I must have told you guys about this already. Okay, well, back I go to call more credit card companies.

Love ya,

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