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My Sweet Wonderful Son, The Dicks Who Stole My Wallet, The Magnificent Ambersons

Awwwww my son is the cutest thing in the world. I said, "I love you." Then he said, "I love you too. Thank you for creating me." Sigh. We're watching Adult Swim on Cartoon Network. It's so weird and funny. Beau is playing with these little electronic toys called P.O.X., he has two of them and they fight each other. I'm eating a tofu and broccoli whole wheat pie, but don't tell Scott, he doesn't think they're good for me.

Well, the thieves that stole my wallet got to work on my credit cards right away. They started charging things as soon as they left the market last night. They gassed up their car, bought some snacks, and then headed over to an office supply store where they made off with eight hundred dollars worth of stuff. After that they "bought" a few more small things and then tried to use the card to buy a sixteen hundred dollar computer. The card company questioned the charge, and wanted them to show ID, which they couldn't, so they took off.

I went to the market with Beau today to look over the security tapes. They have this amazing system, twenty-four cameras that can rotate and zoom and capture pretty much anything, but the operations manager didn't have a clue how to operate it. What good is having a system like that if you can't put it to use. We wasted about an hour watching him try to figure out how to get it to replay anything on any camera at around six o'clock last night. So frustrating. I just know there's tape of someone stealing my wallet, and then tape of them leaving the store, and probably tape of them trying to buy things at Office Depot and Best Buys, but I guess when you live in a city where people are dumping bodies in trash cans, something small like a wallet, doesn't merit too much attention. I totally understand. I'm just pissed that these guys get to get away with it. Not karmically though. I figure I'm evening out karma from Lord knows how many crappy things I've done in my life, and they'll get theirs later.

It reminds me of this episode of Judge Judy that I was watching this afternoon. One of the cases was about these two thuggy boys who had been throwing rocks at cars. This psychologist, whose car had been hit, chased the kids down, confronted their Mothers about it, fought with them, and then somehow got all of them to come on Judge Judy. The kids seemed so numb and detached from everything, like little robot thugs, "Eeee eeee eeee, yessss, wee threw rocks at carrrrs." Then Judge Judy asked them how they'd feel if their little cousins were riding in a car that crashed because someone threw a rock at it. "I would be sad, and mad, that would make me mad." That seemed to reach them. It seems sad that we have to think of how something would affect us, or someone we love, before we can get to a place of not wanting to do that same thing to someone else.

I was sitting in bed for hours today, cleaning out old plastic storage boxes full of papers, old makeup, and articles I'd cut out. I found a letter that a woman my ex had been screwing had written to him when he wouldn't help pay the bills from her miscarriage. She told him to treat me the way he had always treated her and then maybe our marriage might have a chance. Lovely.

I also found a Mark Ryden painting of Christina Ricci that I'd torn out of Rolling Stone in '96, I remember really liking his style and wanting to find out more about the artist, but then I forgot about it. I thought I'd only just learned about him when ana wrote about him in her journal. Apparently he has a show near here. There was an article about trash or junk art in a local paper. The article was about how his work, and the work of several other popular artists, isn't accepted by the mainstream art establishment, (art and establishment, what an oxymoron) that they look down on it as being too popular, simple, and commercial. I should try to go before it closes but I think it's in Orange County. Bleh, I never want to drive that far.

I watched the remake of The Magnificent Ambersons tonight. Wasn't that the Orson Welles' movie that the studio butchered? Maybe I should look that up before I toss it out to you. This version though was so depressing, and I hated the male lead, all of those close ups of his eyes and lips, who cares? He was just so overwrought and spooky. I guess I'm not a big Rhys-Meyers fan, or maybe I should blame the director or whoever cast this. Jennifer Tilly? What were they thinking? God bless A&E for buying this, and it's certainly more interesting than some of the drech that's on, but man, something was just so off. How is it that Madeleine Stowe has gone so quickly from playing sexy, beautiful, female leads, to mothers of a certain age? I hate that. It seems like yesterday I loved her in Last of the Mohicans with Daniel Day Lewis. It's like she's being retired or something. God I hate this business sometimes.

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