Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

I'm trying to explain Adult Swim's Aqua team Hunger force to my beloved Scotty. How bizarre that someone like me, little missy vegetarian girl, would like a cartoon whose three main characters are fries, a shake, and a blob of meat. Maybe I like it because it's set in South Jersey, and for anyone who's been following, Los Adventures de Jacqui, I'm adopted, and my birth family, who want nothing to do with me, live in, you guessed it, beautiful Absecon, New Jersey.

I got over being upset with Scott for his dumb insensitive joke. He didn't mean it. Normally he's the nicest guy in the world. Plus I'm an Aries, and we forgive and forget quickly. Unless we've been screwed over repeatedly, and then eventually we figure out that certain people aren't good for us, and still we persist in following them around, getting hurt and chasing after unrequited love, until finally the long, graceful arm of fate steps in and plucks them, screaming and kicking, and kindly flicks them out of our lives. Life is lovely that way, lovely in a painful, melancholy, forced to grow, kind of way.

"Oh someone's rocking my dreamboat, but with love as my guide, I'll be riding the tide, I'll be surfing 'till I find you. Eh, what's up doc?" -Bugs Bunny

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