Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

This is definitely an entry for Jen. I'm watching a really old Porky Pig cartoon, it's set in Mexico, and there were these characters who were singing La Cucaracha in the background, and as Porky and the other main characters passed by them you could tell that the animators chose that moment to have them sing, "marijuana que fumar." Too funny, and in this really old cartoon too.

God I love animation. I forget how fabulous it can be. Like the art in Samurai Jack today, they look like some kind of kids nightmare hellish version of tiki paintings you might see at La Luz de Jesus gallery on Melrose. Soooo cool, all this color, this crazy Aku character, spouting fire, and these simple, funny, fifties kids faces, in all of these great colors.

Oh and last night on one of Beau's favorite shows, I remember, it was Ed, Edd and Eddie, these kids stole this girls diary, Beau was telling me that this girl is really strange and he would pay anything to read her diary, which seemed kind of weird, and then they read that her secret dream was to become an animator, seemed like a wee little in joke. I loooove that about cartoons. Beau and I like to watch Southpark and slow it down to see if we can catch any of the little in jokes. I know there are tons of Disney animator pranks that have been discovered like Nazi references and penis shapes, what fun.

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