Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Oh yeay look what I found. (Thanks Blonnie for fixing the link for me.) Wonderful, wonderful, Cydniey, who I call cydieywyd, made this for me ages ago, just out of the wonderfullness of her heart. I thought it had all been taken down when she moved to Vegas but I was just searching the net and up it popped. If you want to see some pictures of my house, or cats, or me, come see. Oh and she also put up pictures from an interview I did with A&E that was about ana, but it never aired, jerks.

My early forays into digital art are up there. I kind of wince at these since they are the first things I ever made and I was using this really primitive but fun program called Flashbox. I think she started an area for me that was in addition to my ana stuff, but this one is all ana.

Mean bad tripod look what they did when i tried to link my image, grrrrr.

I wish I knew where the big version of this is. I lost it, but luckily the little one is still here. It was a kind of comic strip I made of my cat Tick stealing Bluebell's spot in the light up sink. Scott always liked this one.

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