Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

You Guys? How do I search Live Journal for people who live in LA? There used to be the greatest search thingy that worked based on cities. That's gone now isn't it? I'm going to try a search for people interested in LA, but I live here and I don't have it listed as an interest, hmmmm. what do you think?

I'm looking forward to Steven King's Rose Red tonight. I hope Susan is going to watch it, she grew up in Seattle. I love scary movies, not freaky devily ones, but ghostly spooky ones, with big castles and mist. I read that some of the inspiration for this came from The Winchester Mystery House. I was so interested in anything paranormal when I was a teenager. I guess I still am. I loved The Others, it wasn't perfect, but it came close to being the kind of movie I like.

Look at this fake research site for the series.

Oh yeah my little boy is home from his visit with his Father, happiness.

Oh My God, I just found out a friend of mine attempted suicide. Oh no oh no oh no, I have to go see how she is.

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