Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Fifty Peculiar things About You

I just made this list because Thantalashad this in his journal;

Question of the day
Can you name 50 peculiar things about you?

I chew my scabs.
I have more cats than friends.
I like being naked and going to naked places.
I'm addicted to movies.
I have ADD
I have two housekeepers.
I eat vegetarian meats.
I like grey wet weather.
I like big black crows.
Well, I'm trying to think of the peculiar stuff.
I'm dependent on my 86 year old Mother.
I don't like dust.
I like to sleep with a pillow on my head.
I let my care get really messy before I clean it.
I saw a white glowing ball of light on the freeway when I was in college.
I have known some very famous people.
I think I'm still going to win an Academy Award.
I believe I was this woman in another life.
I think I have guardian angels.
I freak over the smell of burning skin or hair.
I'm allergic to baklava?).
I love nuns.
I love Jewish men.
I am crazy for white cake.
I'm happier in or under water than out of it.
I like really gory reality TV.
I pee more than twenty-five times a day.
I love rats.
I can't wink very well.
I can have endless orgasms if I use my Hitachi Magic wand.
I can orgasm in my sleep.
I almost made the Guinness Book of World Records for Bubble Gum blowing.
I am a total voyeur.
I love listening to scanned phone calls.
I have precognitive dreams.
I'm extremely empathic which can be super painful.
I collect Steiff animals.
I collect squeaky cats and dogs from the fifties.
I collect action figures with more than two hands or one head.
I love eyeballs.
I won't kill anything except for fleas and mosquitoes and even then it's really really hard and I feel guilty.
I get really weird around my birthday.
I have PCOS, a rare and lovely disease.
I go to Burning Man with my little boy every year.
I've dyed my hair white, fuschia, blue and green.
I've been naked in public places.
I snuck a coconut home from Tahiti in my suitcase.
I'm adopted and my Dad may have been a homeless alcoholic man who died of throat cancer named Tommy the Salami.
My birth Mother says she was raped.
My husband ran off with a stripper/hooker/crack addict.
I'm fat.
I have lots of software I haven't bothered to install on my computer.
Rubbing the fur on a certain type of vintage stuffed animal calms me.
I really like talk radio.
If I could get away with it, I would love to own an apartment building like the one that one of the Baldwin brother's owned in that bad movie with Sharon Stone. I would love sitting in a room with a hundred monitors watching people without their knowing it.
I want to kill people who injure animals.
I would like to watch my boyfriend make love with someone as long as there were a guarantee he wouldn't fall in love with her or want to do it again.
I really like bees and want to pet them.
I made friends with a Hawaiian puffer fish and played with him every day for six weeks.
I have a hard time throwing away magazines.
Oh wow I surpassed my goal, I'm sure I could come up with a few more if I tried and some of these might not count.

Okay now if I did it, how about you?

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