Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Mercury Fillings and Family Secrets

I am Etheline Tenenbaum. Who might you be?

Damn, I really wanted to be Gwyneth Paltrow's character, but without the fur coat, biotch.

I loved this movie so much. Last week after Beau went out with his, errrr, Father, he said, "Mom, Dad didn't like The Royal Tenenbaums. He said he hated it, that it was depressing, and that he didn't understand it." I found this reassuring somehow.

Oh no one of my rats is making a funny sound, must check and administer pretzels.

I get to go to the dentist today for a whopping two hour cleaning appointment. I'm going to watch The Insider again, while he cleans my teeth and maybe takes out a filling and does something else. I'm having all of the mercury fillings removed from my mouth. My old dentist told me she thought it was all a lie and a scam, the mercury removal business. I think it's entirely possible that these silver fillings break down and can become toxic to the body. I have so many and I'm not exactly a paragon of health. Oh and I received the cool vintage Dentist magazines that I bought on eBay, Yeay, he's going to love these.

I'm attempting to write an article about a hazing incident my Father was involved with in the thirties. He was in a fraternity at UCLA. Their house stood where the Mormon Temple on Santa Monica Boulevard stands now. The boy died there. This is also the site of an important Chumash hot springs. I wonder if it's haunted. It isn't exactly easy, but it's incredibly interesting. I know now why when I was really young and had seen this movie with Pamela Sue Martin, where this kid dies in a hazing accident, and I asked Dad if they had done things like that when he was in school, he got really angry. He also got angry and yelled at me when I asked him about his work in chemical warfare. Guess I'll look into that one next. Family secrets, so interesting.

I've read that this recent interest of mine, in my family's past, is fairly common for people my age. Apparently when your parents are around and wanting to tell you about their lives, you're too busy living your own, trying to separate from them, and don't really give it that much attention. Then when it's too late, you realize how much of your family is bound up in who you are, and you want to know more.

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