Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Oh God, I called my friend Gia, the gal who I got most of the really unusual Rex cats from. I was crying and just wanted to talk to her because I thought maybe she would be able to tell me something about why all of the cats I got from her are dying. The sad thing is that Gia is always very addicted to something and usually pretty stoney when you talk to her. She was seriously addicted to heroin the last time I saw her which was a little over a year ago. That's when I took Buki (Chalres Bukowsky) who might have skin cancer, Gelato who died of Kidney disease in November, and little Lucilla who is still going strong, knock on wood.

I got Tick from Gia about four years ago. Tick is somehow realted to Buki and is a brother of Niki (Nikilananda) who is tied for favorite cat with Jake. Anyway Gia's habit was so bad she was spending three hundred a day and messed up all her veins so she was shooting into her muscle, then her muscle in her thigh got so bad they had to take out a chunk of her the size of a potato. Finally she went to rehab, again, and she said it took her a month to detox and the people there told her it was the worst case they had ever seen. Now she's addicted to Vicodin and told me she take SIXTEEN every four to six hours.

I talked to her for a while but then I just wanted to get off the phone because I'm so miserable, sad, and angry. I wanted to be able to stay on the phone and comfort her, she sounds so lonely and hurting, every time I tried to pull away she would try to talk about something else. It made me so sad, and even now I feel like I'm betraying her by writing about this but I just have to. When I first met her she was so little and looked just like ana. I kept hoping we could be friends. I want to save her somehow when I can't even save myself.

I never even got to fucking say goodbye to my friend Tick. It's just so damned unfair. People who don't love animals like I do won't get this at all. There are so many people who think people are more important and that people who love animals just as much as they love people are crazy. I hate them for their insensitivity.

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