Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Billy Bob Teacher, Angelina Jolie Alien Vampire Girlfriend, and Me

I forgot I wanted to describe my intensely weird dreams of last night.

I am in a school setting. I think I am in grammar school and we are all fooling around before class. Billy Bob Thornton is our teacher. everything is weird and stoney and surreal. We are all sitting in a circle. We are supposed to give some kind of presentation on the interchange between teachers and students, using symbolic objects, it was our homework assignment.

I have placed masks, tombstones, and death imagery around the room. I am a rebel student somehow. The other students think I am too weird to pay any attention to, and Billy Bob is wary of me. I think he thinks I am too troublesome to be of any use in class. One of the other students begins her presentation, it is very simple. She is young and upbeat, cheerleader-like and insipid. I look at her with dark hateful eyes. I can't wait for my turn.

Reluctantly people turn their attention to my presentation. I present this portfolio of photography, art, and research that explains in detail my relationship with education. I pull out large photographs of grey skies filled with branches and crows, landscapes, and winter storms. I go on and on, passionately explaining things that are beyond their level of comprehension, beyond my own comprehension, explaining art and symbolism, things about Pythagorean theorem and rhythm in art, speeding up the pace so that it becomes overwhelming. When I am done I am pleased with myself. I have impressed Billy Bob and proven that I belong, that I am a brilliant student, that there is more to me than one can see based on judgments of my external self.

I go to Billy Bob and Angelina's house, it is more of a lair, a small room or space, lots of fabrics and tapestries, boxes and ornaments and strange things. I tell Billy that I'm sad Angelina never showed, she had promised to. Suddenly a dusty sheet covered box begins to lift, it is a coffin. Angle sits up and tells me that she would have liked to have come but she hasn't been well. She is pale and dusty, her eyes are pale blue and occluded, the eyes of an old woman. I am a little afraid of her, she is alien and vampiric, yet fragile and in need of care.

We go to another room, a smaller space, and she is applying some kind of black oil to her eyes. She is weak and pained, but the oil, something she has a limited amount of, fills her eyes for a moment then settles and returns them to their normal color. Then her hair regains it's dark luster so she begins to look like herself. I somehow know that she is an alien and has a limited time left on this planet.

I am male now and we go to this wonderful apartment. I think it is my Father's and that he just keeps it to use when he is in town. She asks me why we can't rest here for a while, why don't I live here? I tell her that I don't like living with my Father, that I don't like to pee with him and be that close. There is this unusual and beautiful bed/bath that is suspended in the middle of the room. It is a kind of golden circle that looks like it wouldn't hold water, but we get on it and it begins to fill with warm water.

The end.

PS: Do you guys remember Stretch Armstrong? Well, Beau had Stretch's dog, Fetch Armstrong, and he stretched him so much he broke apart and his syrup oozed out, poor Beau. I'm going to see if I can find another one for him on eBay, I don't think they sell them anymore.

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