Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Oh look at the cool elephant pic I got from the olive.

Gosh that was a big mistake. I had to remove the elephant image because it's paranoid, cynical, owner said I had to and that it was not lucky but was cursed. Fucking shit. You know what I think about curses, I think they don't hurt the person they're aimed at, I think they bounce off of you and shoot right back into the black and oily place from whence they came. Now I have to find another elephant, oh well, shouldn't be a problem. You know what, I get sick of certain types of people on LJ, then again maybe I'm just depressed and hurting.

Oh and will you look at this, there are exactly four people who list dead hookers as an interest on Live Journal, and my darling, the elephant designer is one of them. Nice. You'd think more of us would have thought to put that down as an interest. You know I would hate him for being a snotty, young, art-poseur if I didn't like his sense of style, not personally, personally he's a rude little shit, what I liked was his damned elephant. Now all I want is to keeel heeeem. Is it me or am I getting a little out of control over this? I guess it's all those years of repressed rage bubbling up inside me, grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

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