Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

A Gift For the Sisters and Kitty Cat Naughtiness

Oh yeay this little reliquary of Pope Pius the Tenth just came in the mail today. I've been so excited to get it so I can give it to my friends, the sisters who live down the street. They were my teachers in high school and grammar school, little sweetie-pies, I love them so much. I think Pope Pius X is also a saint. This is a piece of his cape with this great wax seal. Without meaning to be disrespectful to my friends, the Holy Father to a nun, is like the ultimate celebrity, they get really excited about him, so I'm hoping they'll like this. I wonder if anyone is home now, I'll call and then walk over there.

The cats are having fun knocking my vintage toy collection off the shelves. I hear this boom crash and then Saida says, "Ya ya, no mas, no mas." It's getting kind of pointless leaving them there, because they're all going to get wrecked. Mostly it's just space toys, ray guns, aliens, monsters with big ooky eyes, or creatures with extra arms and legs, and my Playschool collection. I had to take the Barbies, and the Madame Alexanders, and the Steiffs down and move them, 'cause they were too valuable to let the kitties play with.

They really liked stealing the dolly accessories like ribbons, hats, book bags, and flowers, and then running around the house with them. Most things end up in the litter boxes, under the sofa, or in their water bowls. I have to warn people to keep an eye on their socks, if they take them off when they come over, or they might end up missing or drenched. I get such joy out of their stealing Scott's socks, I can't explain why, it's just funny and naughty and makes me laugh.

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