Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Mother and My Answering Machine

I have this aversion to ringing telephones, doorbells and honking cars. Gee I wonder why? This morning my phone rang and I thought, Hey, I'm a big brave gal, I can do this, so I took a deep breath and answered it. Worst possible scenario, it was Mother's secretary, (oh joy it must be Thursday,) calling to tell me that they are not going to pay the pet food, or vet bills any more, and I'll just simply have to pay for them myself, or give all my pets away.
Needless to say I freaked. I told Tina (the so-called secretary) there was no way I could do this on my severely limited income and that they know that, then I hung up on her. I called back, got my Mother in person, so she couldn't hide behind her secretary, and told her that this was precisely the reason why I don't want to sign my building back over to her, because when she pulls stuff like this I will be helpless, and then I hung up on her. The phone rang many many times after that. I didn't answer it. I'm dreading checking my messages, plus they'll be extra mean because they don't like having to listen to the Hamster Dance version of I'm Too Sexy, before they can yell at me.

Remember that woman who uploaded all of her mother's annoying phone messages to her web site? How did she do that? Any thoughts on how I can share my messages with you?

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