Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Private School Entrance Exams, our Wounded Gecko, Uninvited Guests, and Bitches

Yesterday was a long tiring day but we got through it. After a typical night of very little sleep I had to get up at 6:00 to get Beau going for his Middle School entrance exam. He was tired and groucy, didn't want to do it, and tried to get out of it several times. That's always a joy. We went to the drugstore and bought him new pencils and snacks for the break in between the various sections of the test. Then we went to Burger King so he could have some carby foods before his test. I wasn't sure whether you'r supposed to have carbohydrates before a sport ting and protein before a test or what but I remmbered something about carbs and he loves the fast foody stuff there (not the meat stuff, cause we're vegetarian) so we went. Then we had the nice long drive to West Hollywood for the test.

When he got there he got scared and wanted to go home. I told him he had to take the test and he told me I was being mean. Then he wanted me to stay in the room with him but I wasn't allowed so all the parents left and we milled around for four hours while the kids took the test. Afterwards Beau was really happy and said that it was much easier than he had thought it would be. Phew. I'm just glad it's over. So much stress. So many panicked parents trying desperately to get their kids into any good private school. It's crazy out here, believe me.

Beau's Leopard Gecko is really ill. Someone must have taken him out of his cage without permission and dropped him because the doctor said he had to have sustained a serious injury for the bruising he has on his abdomen and the fact that his back half is paralyzed. I'm so angry and sad. I love these geckos. We've had them for three years now. They're sweet and pretty with their big Egyptian looking eyes, gentle creatures, except when they;re eating their wax worms. It's so unfair and sad. All I can think is that Saida's (my housekeepers) son Freddy, or his friend, who tagged along with him last weekend, without asking me if that would be okay, must have been playing with them.

I'm so pissed at them but what can I do? It's a terrible feeling to be wrongly accused of something, believe me I know, but they were the only kids around who could have done it. There's nothing more to be done now though. I told them about what happened, I told Saida that I don't want Freddy bringing kids over here who I don't know, (I mean it's enough that she brings her son and their dog,) and that no one is allowed to be in Beau's room unless he is with them. That's all I can do. But, of course I feel guilty about this, as if I am being unkind.

You know, yesterday I went to Midnight Special which is one of my favorite bookstores, and I was reading this book about men preferring women who are bitches to women who are mushy and sweet like me. It can't be all men who prefer this, just my ex and Jack Nicholson then.

Love ya,

PS: I just bought this elf on eBay,

and I am trying to buy this cow.

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